How to: Clean Your Pores (without paying for a facial)

I’ve spent many years focusing on how to have nice skin. Let’s just say that it doesn’t come naturally to me, and it’s one of the main reasons I did an elimination diet. The thing is…even when my skin is good, I want to try and make it awesome.

I’ve learned that my skin’s appearance depends primarily on what I eat and drink, but how I treat it also makes a huge difference!

Some things I do to keep my skin looking nice:

You can find bentonite clay at many health food stores, or on the Internet. I bought this one–and got a whole pound for $11.00!! Don’t worry, you’ll love the facial so much you’ll use the whole pound… and you can also use bentonite clay for other things–like homemade toothpaste!

home facial

Bentonite Clay Exfoliating and Pore-Cleaning Facial

Here’s the deal:

1. If you give yourself a pore-cleaning facial after you’ve been sweating, your pores are already open and trying to expel things.  If you put a clay mask on, the clay and the sweat are on the same team!

2. You can make a very cheap mud mask that (I swear) rivals any spa mud mask. Bentonite clay powder mixed with water (or apple cider vinegar if you don’t have sensitive skin) forms mud. This is special mud!  Spread it on (after you’ve washed and dried your face), and as it dries, it shrinks.  You’ll feel it tighten, and can leave it on for 15 minutes or until it’s mostly dry. It draws out toxins and gunk.

Bentonite Clay Facial

Several tablespoons of bentonite clay powder
Apple cider vinegar (non-sensitive skin)
Water (sensitive skin)

Directions: Add liquid to the bentonite clay powder slowly while mixing it until it turns into “mud.” Apply it to your face (avoiding the eyes) in a thick coat, and leave it on until it is mostly dry.

You can save the leftovers in an airtight container for quite a long time (at least a month)

If you slather it on thickly and then leave it for a while, it gets really hard and starts to crack. I recommend that you first test it on a patch of skin on the side of your face, just to make sure it doesn’t do anything weird to you (just like anything you’re going to put on your skin). I also recommend that rather than trying to wash it off in the sink, you just wash it off it in the shower—it turns back into mud when it gets wet and can be really messy in the sink.

You can do this up to 1-2 times per week, but you might notice some redness (and burning if you use ACV instead of water).  Do it at night!  The redness will go away, and your skin will be so soft you won’t be able to keep your hands off it (but you should!).

Side note: Here are two videos I did about how to get clear skin. The second one spills my secret for 100% clear and glowing skin!

home facial 2

Would you try the facial?! (or have you tried it?)

What is your favorite thing to do to keep your skin beautiful? Do you have any cheap and easy tricks?

22 thoughts on “How to: Clean Your Pores (without paying for a facial)”

  1. My skin always looks better when I get enough sleep and drink enough water.  I know how basic that sounds, but these are two thins I’m always struggling with!  I did buy some cod liver oil last week because I saw you mention how it’s been helping your skin and hair.  I’d been meaning to try it for a while, but you inspired me to actually go for it!  Now if I could just remember to take it every day 🙂

  2. This is great!  I’m glad you shared this again because I missed it the first time around.  Where do you find Bentonite Clay?

  3. thanks for sharing how day #1 progressed, lisa! fingers crossed that caffeine or dairy are not your culprits…that would be too sad! nice of you to take matthew his phone, too!
    i have had two professional facials in my life – so relaxing. but very expensive!! thanks for sharing your recipe – i do like just buying a mud mask pac for at-home, but have not done that in forever!
    i believe in fresh air, sweating, water, a good diet, sleep and low stress for optimal skin tone. of course, getting all this at one time is challenging!

  4. I love bentonite clay masks! I’ve been using them a lot lately and can’t get enough. I agree that it is better than any spa mask/facial. I’ve never felt a mask tighten so much and pull out all the toxins from my skin. 

  5. Lol, I do the same thing and watch myself in the mirror because it looks so funny! ha! Have you heard about the other health benefits of bentonite clay? I just read a little bit, but am interested to learn more!

  6. You mean like the intestinal cleansing (a la Blessed Herbs)? My understanding of that is that although the clay does pull toxins out of the body, the rubbery gunk (sorry!) is just the clay with water/toxins absorbed…not build-up that has been living in the intestines. SO….my personal opinion is that (1) cleanses can be awesome, especially for people who need a clean slate and want the boost quickly before changing long-term lifestyle, (2) generally the bentonite mixture has a base of apple juice and I dislike the sugar content of that (even if it’s just for a week—it can send candida out of control), (3) I prefer a daily detox approach‹it doesn’t feed the American desire for instant gratification and instant results, but it’s more realistic in terms of long-term health.

    Aside: I am not totally against bentonite clay cleansing—much of doing a cleanse is psychological (mind games), so it won’t hurt most people to do it. Mucoid plaque, however, is (most likely) a myth.

    And if that’s not what you were referring to…you won’t wonder if that ever comes up. 🙂

  7. I read that it can help with many things like headaches, infections, bruises, burns etc. I actually didn’t read too much about the detox, but I can say that I don’t think I’d ever get myself to drink clay….lol

  8. I think you’re right—-all those things make the skin healthy! I used to focus on the masks and stuff, but now I know that everything is important! Cheers to low stress and sunshine for all !!! 🙂

  9. Sleep and water…great for skin!
    I think you’ll like the cod liver oil—my skin texture is great since I’ve been taking it. I haven’t even used or needed a moisturizer beyond what’s in the toner!

  10. I’ve never tried Bentonite clay powder!  Something new to try =)
    I make my own facial moisturizer… I’m still trying to figure out the best combination of ingredients… I’m thinking I’ll post about  it on Friday. 

  11. we are shooting for awesome skin too 😉  our skin is slowly starting to calm down, mine (lori) is going a little slower then Michelle’s. but I am keeping my head up that my face will come around soon. the past 2 days I have been trying something new from readers, I have incorporated using hemp oil to wash my face (along with my other products that I use) and put on my face before going to bed. so far I feel it is helping. but again just been 2 days, I am going to continue to use it and see what happens! 

  12. Loved this post! I’ve been meaning to try a mud mask because i’ve heard great things about them. I’m going to look up that Bentonite clay powder.

  13. I use the plain version of that brand of witch hazel for clients if I do face massage.  I love it.  I also have it in Lavender… so nice!  

    As for my skin – it’s a battle and I’m vain so I use the regimen from  It has benzoyl peroxide in it, which I’m sure isn’t great for me, but it keeps my face fairly manageable and I like that.  

  14. Ooooh, I want a face massage 🙂

    I have used benzoyl peroxide a lot in the past‹at my advanced age (lol) I’ve found it is too drying and irritating now, but it used to work wonders!

  15. Kristina Greene

    I have an exfoliating brush similar to the one your linked to – mine is the mia. It is one of the best investments I’ve ever made! For years I have suffered with breakouts, well into my late 30’s. I sound like a commercial! LOL but the mia was one of the things that really helped! That and regular facials.

  16. I can’t find the exact face food cell serum you are putting on in your first video, do you have a web link ?

  17. I just found your blog via VGN and I’ve read several of your posts now, I love it! How do you manage to get 4-8 Tbsp of gelatin in each day? I’m trying to increase my intake for cellulite and skin health, do tell!

  18. Hi Ginny! Thanks for coming by 🙂
    Right now, the way I stay most consistent with gelatin is to add it to greek yogurt–in one cup of yogurt, I add 4 T of gelatin (the collagen hydrolysate type). When I have more time or want to get more creative, I make it into gummies and eat those throughout the day (I make sure I eat enough to get at least 4T, sometimes more). I do try to add it to sauces and other more liquid-y stuff, but I don’t usually measure it that way so I don’t count on it. I’ve tried adding it to drinks, and sometimes it mixes really well… other times it doesn’t (I had it in ice tea and it stayed totally clumpy!). When I’m drinking coffee, I also add a Tbsp of it to that. I’ve been doing this intake level for at least a year now consistently, and I definitely notice a difference in the strength of my nails as well as having fewer wrinkles around my eyes. I’m guessing that means it’s doing good stuff on the inside too! I do believe it helps with cellulite, but right now I can’t tell because I’m pregnant and my thighs are extra chubby. Lol.
    Good luck with it!

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