Thrifty Homemade Yogurt

Every day of this week so far, I thought it was Friday. Eventually, I’ll be right, but time is crawling! I think it’s because I’m counting down–to this weekend (Matthew comes over), till the end of the semester and a break from teaching (online too) (the 19th-ish till Jan 2nd), till people start visiting for the holidays… I’m also counting up–3 days so far with no coffee (why? I don’t know–it has been grossing me out lately—don’t tell Allie!).

Over the past week, I made yogurt several times, and it was so easy I thought I would share it with you (well, you’ll have to come over if you want to try some!).

Use whatever milk you want---I chose Pasteurized Unhomogenized Whole Milk.

Step 1: heat 1L milk to 185 degrees F.


I had to buy a thermometer---no, I didn't have to, I chose to. You could just heat till it starts to barely boil, and then take it off the heat.

Step 2: Cool milk to 110 degrees F (or if you don’t have a thermometer, just cool till it feels like body temp—stick your clean finger in it!).

Step 3: Put a cup or so of the milk into another bowl, stir in (1) yogurt starter or (2) a container of good quality plain yogurt, until thoroughly mixed.

Step 4: Add this starter to the milk, and stir until mixed.

Yog in the Maker.

Step 5: Option 1: pour into containers of a yogurt maker, set timer according to yogurt maker instructions.

Option 2: Pour into glass mason jars (lids off). Heat oven to warm, and then turn it off. Put the jars in the oven, and leave overnight.

Step 6: Transfer to fridge with lids on! Will keep for a week.


It's a little lumpy until stirred---then it's very smooth!

I added vanilla stevia to it, and also tried it with peanut butter powder–both were good! I’m not exactly the best at being thrifty in the grocery store, but I am proud to say that this liter of yogurt was significantly cheaper than if I had bought plain yogurt—and I know exactly what is in it and how it was processed!

I also made kefir out of goat milk - warm milk to room temperature, stir in kefir starter, put lid on tight and leave it on the counter for 24 hours. Transfer to the fridge. It was (although a little creepy) really good once I added stevia and a little orange extract! Kefir is different than yogurt--different cultures and beneficial ingredients, different taste.

Other things from my week:

Coffee Date with friend Ali...


...Which turned into a martini (and then shopping) date!


I bought a case of this (ok, so I really bought 2 cases)--it's amazing! I have a recipe to share soon, and I'm thinking of doing another giveaway and including this---because it's so amazing I NEED to share it!
I bought myself (lots of) Christmas presents. These are one of them. Love.
A New (to me) Peanut Butter. It's a local company...and the raccoon makes it even more appealing, doesn't it? It's probably the best peanut butter I've had--and I once overheard an employee talking about how they have very strict rules about testing mold levels in peanuts and rejecting unacceptable ones (one of my peanut pet peeves of most peanut products!)
I'm obsessed with waffles and using the "egg white trick" - the ingredients: eggs, protein powder, almond milk, stevia. Crispy, light...and I'm contemplating making a grilled cheese sandwich with them (sans stevia, obv)


I think that’s enough for one day. I’m excited to be wrapping up the semester so I can focus more on fun things (not that teaching isn’t fun, but it’s a huge time suck).

Sorry the pics are dark and fuzzy—it’s winter in NY–there’s practically no daylight, let alone sunshine!

I have some fitness things to post about soon—Ugi review update, sandbag workout, and other good stuff!

Have you ever made yogurt? 

Have you ever done the “egg white trick” to poof up your baked goods?

Hope you’re having a great week!

29 thoughts on “Thrifty Homemade Yogurt”

  1. Okay, I officially need a yogurt maker.  I have been eying coconut cream at the store and not buying it, so please enlighten me as to why I need it.  That peanut butter spreading raccoon is the cutest ever.  And I am drooling over the thought of a grilled cheese on those waffles!! 

  2. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    My great grandmother always made plain yogurt when I was a child. I have always preferred plain to any flavored sweet version and I think it goes back to having hers. Love those boots 😉

  3. lauren@spicedplate

    Yum!  I love making yogurt, it’s so tasty, and cheap!  I used to make it with goat milk — it was heavenly.  Hope you’re having a great week full of Fridays!

  4. Ok i just love everything you talked about here. I’ve never made yogurt but have always been intrigued to do so! Those waffles look great and yes I have used the egg white trick when baking! That coconut cream sounds delicious. What kind of things do you make with it?

  5. My husband has made yogurt and I buy it homemade from the same place I get raw milk. But nope, never made it myself!

  6. Gina (Candid RD)

    I actually had a yogurt maker, but gave it away because I failed the first time I tried to make yogurt.  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough?  I dunno, but I don’t regret getting rid of it.
    I love your idea of using waffles for grilled cheese!!  And the extra egg whites is brilliant.  I bet they tasted great!

  7. girl, I am sitting drinking a glass of wine…wish we could sit and chat in person, one day!  lori and I have made kefir (from coconut and goat milk) and raw yogurt (out of coconut) love it!

  8. cathy@1970kikiproject

    love those boots, lisa! and you need a treat or two as a reward for getting through the teaching term!
    i love the sounds of the pb powder in the homemade yogurt (i have never tried to make my own, and to be honest, don’t see it happening). and that new-to-you pb with the raccoon – yes, super cute packaging! i love pb and would love to try that brand.
    what’s with the coffee!?!?! i swear i didn’t send you anti-coffee vibes (i am really going to try over the next while to get to like it again, though).
    i hear you on the lack of sunshine – here, too. but i am grateful for no snow. i’ll take the rain!
    hope your week goes fast – tomorrow really WILL be friday!

  9. Nice pix, Lisa. The martini one, especially!

    Yep, I used to make my own yogurt, about 35 years ago! Had a yogurt maker and long ago tossed it. I don’t have yogurt too often these days, but when I have the urge, I buy it.

    Followed a bodybuilder lifestyle for years, so egg whites were a staple. Now I’m happy to have the yolk!

    Love the boots!

  10. i once worked on an organic farm in new zealand and we made yoghurt every single day. it was soo delicious, i swear i used to eat the biggest yoghurt bowls ever in the morning. ever since i have been buying it, also bc i am travelling so much (or i used to) and it just seemed easier and not worth it to mess it up. i love your new boats, they look super stylish!
    oh and i havent tried the eggwhite trick yet but i need to start doing it! i just wished i had a waffle iron right now 🙁

  11. Love the background on that peanut butter! I’m so wary of the Kraft, Skippy, Smuckers, etc. brands that are everywhere you look in “regular” grocery stores. I’m almost at the point now where I won’t grocery shop anywhere but the healthy, organic, (expensive!) stores.

    I also bought myself new boots for Christmas when I was in Spokane. Pretty much identical to yours, but a few inches taller on the calf. Happy Holidays to us!!

  12. It seemed a little creepy to me…until I actually did it—it’s so easy that I’m pretty sure I’ll never buy yogurt again (unless I’m using it as a starter for a larger batch!).

  13. Mmmmm…..the yolks are so yummy! I’m constantly debunking the egg yolk-cholesterol myth for people (and I know their brains are thanking me for all the choline!).

  14. The yogurt making is really fun for me (honestly, I really don’t cook much so it’s a bigger project in my kitchen!)…but the quality storebought ones are just as nutritious!
    I’m kinda sad that I have no desire for coffee—I have no clue why, but my mom’s response when I told her was, “Maybe your body is telling you it’s not good for you right now.” Okey-dokey—I’ll just go with the flow!
    Hope you have a great day‹it’s pretty chilly here but the sun is out (yay!)…

  15. The main benefit of making yogurt is really only the cost—maybe the novelty will wear off for me at some point. Store bought yogurt (obv the good quality ones) are just as nutritious!

  16. Lately, I’ve just been using the coconut cream for pudding—I put it in the kitchenaid (with the whisk attachment…cuz I’m too lazy to whisk it myself!), then add some vanilla stevia and a scoop of protein powder. It’s kinda like eating whipped cream—but it’s so high in fat, that I can eat it and not be hungry for like 6 hours (I think about food too much if I don’t eat enough fat). I’m thinking it will be good for frosting, smoothies, and ice cream too….mmmmm!

  17. I’m gonna reply to the coconut inquiry in a post! It’s wonderful….and I just think more people should eat it (but there are significant health benefits too)!

  18. I’ve been thinking about making my own yogurt, thanks for sharing the process with us!  (Love how you made your own kefir too!)

    Very cute boots!  🙂

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