Oranges vs. Candy (and the Oranges Won!)

Thank you for all the super thoughtful things you all said to me over the last few days…

It helped. A lot.

Joe was gone to DC for the weekend to run the Marine Corps Marathon, so I was flying solo, and it turned out to be a really great weekend (except one crappy part, but I’ll get to that). Since my Mom lives across the street, and her man was out of town for the weekend too, we ended up having coffee and chat time every morning (and wine at night once too). I departed from my Intermittent Fasting for one day (Friday) because I got really stressed out with some student emails and ate my weight in greek yogurt…


Remember how funny knock-knock jokes were when you were a kid? I have a feeling we'll be laughing at these for many hours...Matthew's birthday party was a big success---he had fun, and along with the Knock Knock Jokes book, he got a BB gun, 4 gift cards to Bass Pro Shop, hunting clothes...and lots of other stuff.
Camouflage Cake (inside and out)---totally perfect for this boy!
Messages from friends...
I'm not gonna lie---we thought we looked good as the "Bags Fly Free" Southwest Airlines workers...but we didn't really have fun that night. Our friends wanted to go to the costume party at the racino (casino/race track), and they took so long getting ready that we missed the contest...then they just wanted to play the slot machines so they changed out of their costumes and settled in. We were there till midnight. Next year, screw that and screw costumes. Just sayin'
On Sunday, I watched 3 hours and 16 minutes of this (well, most of it), while I was texting Joe's sister as she watched it too---at one point the little running man on the screen stopped moving along the path (and his time checkpoint updates stopped) and we thought he was collapsed or something...but refreshing the browser brought him back to life 🙂
I also decorated for Halloween. I don't own decorations or knick knacks of any kind. But I inherited my sister's and she had some good stuff. Some years I put it out, and others I don't---wait till you see the Santa collection I got handed down from her and my mom! In theory, I am not into it, but once it's all out, it looks good.
This afternoon, Joe and I made these---I'm doing an experiment with my nutrition students---handing out oranges (I got the idea on Pinterest) and regular candy and keeping a tally about how many take each (or both)! We had 40 trick-or-treaters, and all but three kids took both (three of them took just an orange!). Plus, three parents have told me what a great idea it is. The little kids love them the most---I think because they look cute (who knows if they'll eat them)
Oranges vs. Candy Bars! Oranges win!
I carved jack-o-lanterns out of peppers. Why? I don't know. But I got the idea from Kristina at Spabettie...she stuffed, cooked and ate hers though 🙂
The roofs were thrown out because they just fell still worked (and probably prevented the peppers from baking...)
The unlit daylight view...
Lastly, I went to Arhaus today and completed my living room set. Now when you come to visit me, we don't all have to sit on the couch together 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you dress up for Halloween? I swear I’m not doing it again. It cost a lot—in time and money. And it wasn’t fun.

Are you good at accessorizing rooms in your house? I suck at it—unless something jumps out and hits me in the face and I know immediately that I love it. (Kyle? Please. Stop working so much and help me. I need pillows. And a rug.)

Do you visit anyone in the cemetery? I don’t go often—but it can be nice sometimes, since it’s a quiet peaceful place. I used to sit there and text people or talk on the phone (in the summer) when both my parents and I had moved and I had extra time before I had to be somewhere.

Hope your week is great so far!

32 thoughts on “Oranges vs. Candy (and the Oranges Won!)”

  1. the oranges look great – glad they were popular (and that some kids JUST took an orange – awesome!). I love the idea of using the pepper jacks as candle holders – I’ve only done it once though, those things are more expensive than pumpkins! 😉 

    there has only been one person I’ve ever regularly visited in the cemetery – my college boyfriend’s mom… she was an amazing person and tragically taken way too soon. I used to visit a lot – bring flowers, clean and polish her stone, and just sit. 

  2. I love your oranges and peppers! My coworker said she carved a turnip for halloween because it was traditional somewhere (can’t remember where). The oranges are just the cutest though!

  3. wow – so much to say!!!
    first, please give joe my hearty congrats on his race – i saw your tweet and was really happy to see that speedy time! i’d love to do that race, some day. isn’t technology amazing with how we can follow along from home!
    love your word “racino!” that is good. it is not good that you didn’t have that great a time. and yes, screw that plan next year and listen to your heart.
    love your hallowe’en homemade/foodie decorations! i have a box somewhere but i don’t put anything out…i really only decorate at christmas.
    i did not dress up this year but wore pumpkin earrings and a spider bracelet!
    hope you had a good october 31st, lisa!

  4. we did not dress up, we admit we are not really Halloween fans, so our weekend was relaxing mixed in with some work. we are not good at accessorizing rooms, a talent that we are not good at, that is why we like seeing what others do to inspire us 😉

  5. this is the first year I didn’t dress up. I agree about time and money. It used to be so much fun but the past few years our friends were lame and there was nothing to do. This year it was all about the baby though. Sorry yours was lame.

    I loooove the oranges idea!!! I was thinking of a decent healthy option for trick or treaters that weren’t banned. I know the whole razor in apple urban legend so no ones gives those out. I like the pumpkin oranges so creative.

    I rarely go to the cemetery. My mom never really brought us..I think it was hard for her with outr dad. I used to go, walk there, when I was a kid. He’s buried close by I would go with my cousin. Both of my grandparents and my aunt and father are all in the same place. The last time I was there was my grandmothers funeral. I look at it like i can “talk” to them when I want to in my heart. But it’s nice to visit and pay respects I think. Hard though.

  6. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    No dressing up for us. Not really big into Halloween to be honest. I don’t often visit cemeteries. However, I have a very dear friend who was killed and is buried in a gorgeous cemetery outside of OKC. If I’m in the area, I like to go out there and just sit b/c it really can be so peaceful.

  7. Sorry your Halloween night wasn’t any fun.  I guess you’ll know to trust your intuition next year, because I know that you were NOT looking forward to it!  I absolutely love that you gave oranges to trick-or-treaters!  That’s so much fun.  And the faces on the oranges are absolutely adorable.  I think I’m stealing this idea for next year!  Of course, I had 76 kidlets and had to turn the light out because I ran out of candy.  I don’t really relish the idea of draw faces on 100 oranges.  Can I also say how jealous I am that you live across the street from your mom.  So jealous.  I would LOVE to live across the street from my parents. 

    I’ve never visited anyone at a cemetery.  Is that strange?

  8. Sorry that your Halloween didn’t go as planned. Such a bummer!
    I went trick-o-treating with my nieces and nephews and had fun! Then I just relaxed the rest of the night!

    I loved your oranges idea. Going to have to try that out next Halloween!

  9. Whacky weekend! So bizarre seeing fall foliage with a blanket of snow on the ground. It got me excited for the holidays, though. My favorite time of year.

    Cable TV and Internet were out, so I spent a LOT of time reading. Which was nice, and cozy, too. Stayed at home because the roads in my area were a mess. Lots of tree limbs down, and dangling wires!

    I don’t visit cemeteries, but only because those I love are not buried near me. I do talk to them all the time, though. Usually while I’m driving. These are my “prayers,” usually asking for strength. 

  10. Cemeteries are weird places—I mean, I don’t think there are actually people there (well, their bodies are, but why would their spirits hang out there?). My sister was cremated so I don’t even really feel like her body is there—sometimes I stand right on the spot where I know her ashes are buried and see if I can channel my energy down there…maybe I can, but so far no evidence that we’re communicating that way. Haha.
    So, no, I guess I don’t think it’s weird to never have visited anyone in a cemetery (I know other people/relatives who have expired, and I’ve never visited any of their graves).
    Definitely do the orange thing next year (I only handed out 40—it only took us ten minutes to draw the faces on)…the tiny kids really lit up when they saw them!

  11. congrats to Joe@5ec6bbc00248c698369b1f732e381630:disqus  so funny that we both had people close to us at the race – perhaps they even ran past eachother. small world! 🙂

  12. As I told you on instagram- love, love, love the orange idea! And I think you look awesome dressed up :). We dressed up as a Mickey Mouse family, but it was pretty cheap!

  13. I actually visit my grandma quite often. We were extremely close and before she passed away I hadn’t ever gone to visit anyone. It is so peaceful and allows me to be alone with my thoughts. I find myself feeling so much closer to her during those few minutes I am there. Likewise it can be extremely emotional and a bit overwhelming.

  14. I LOVE the clementine idea!!!  And my furniture jealousy grows.  Let’s set a date- pick a Sunday or Monday and we’ll go accessory shopping… at a bunch of different stores!  (The Monday before TG I’m working a tasting mid day in Rochester… maybe we can do a half day then?  And have a late lunch at Pittsford Weggies like old times!!)

    I miss you.

  15. wow! I can’t believe the oranges won!! what a great idea!! although, I do know that my Mom never let me keep/eat anything that wasnt wrapped………she is super cautious and paranoid though!!   I love love love this concept though( the pepper lanterns are also SO CUTE)…..’ll have to do this at a halloween party next year!!

  16. Gina (Candid RD)

    NIck and I have been together for almonst 6 years and not once have we dressed up for Halloween!  I used to do it all the time, but like you said, it takes too much time and effort (and money!) and usually just isn’t worth it.
    I love your idea of handing out “pumpkin” clementines!!!  They are so adorable.  I have to put that on my list for next year.
    I’m doing a house update post soon, we just got new curtains and a new kitchen light and I can’t wait to show people.  HAving a house can be so fun when it comes to decorating (Also expensive and time consuming).

  17. I dared Joe to bite into one after it was all said and done since they seemed kind of soft after having a candle burning inside for 2 hours…but he declined (something about the candle wax chemicals not being sanitary…whatev!)…

  18. The little tiny kids loved the oranges the most—they probably thought they really were mini pumpkins! …in the end I decided that no one would probably eat the oranges (my parents wouldn’t have let me unless they knew the people it came from)…but I’m still going to do it again because the kids really seemed excited by being offered something unique!

  19. The peppers are so cute!  Love the oranges too — the jack-0-lantern faces are adorable and definitely makes them preferable over chocolate!

  20. Oooohhh.. So creative with peppers and oranges!! It was our first halloween ever, so we didn’t dress up into costumes. Just had fun giving away candies – thank god there’s left overs 😉

  21. What a super idea!  Love your “food rules” post, too.  I aspire to a healthier lifestyle, though I confess I do indulge in “sugar added” things.  At least I make them myself, though, so I know what goes into them.  🙂  Thanks for visiting my blog, and looking forward to coming back here!!

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