A new snack, a new appreciation for riesling, and a new workout tool

I’m running around like crazy this week…not to say that some of it isn’t for fun!

A new client of mine and I were exploring ideas for better afternoon snacks—ones that don’t mess so much with blood sugar (like chocolate covered pretzels).

I came up with these (and named them J Balls, after my client):

In the food processor add:

1/3 cup nut butter

1/3 cup protein powder (I used chocolate Sun Warrior)

1 dropper full of liquid vanilla stevia (you could use powdered too)

1 dropper full of cocoa bean extract (optional)

Process until it turns into a big ball. The texture is kind of like a cross between clay and cookie dough. Roll into balls…eat raw or freeze (they don’t get super hard in the freezer–I may like them better that way!).

Three varieties of J Balls

Other variations:

Sub in vanilla protein powder

Roll in crushed nut  mixture (example: nuts, cinnamon, stevia crumbled in the food processor)

These are awesome and they are very low in sugar (specific amount depends on your nut butter).

New topic.

Last night, I went with friends to Riesling Hour at Torrey Park Grill in Geneva. It was a dinner/wine tasting event, and the whole thing was supposed to be a twitter event too (apparently people were having Riesling Hour all over and tweeting #flxwine throughout the event). I tweeted from my phone, but several of the 20 people there brought their laptops.

There was a lot of this going on at dinner!
This is really the only picture I got---food pics didn't come out good with my phone and it was not so bright in there! See the chicken and gnocchi in the bottom right corner---I ate one gnocchi, even though I know it was made of gluten (I may be crazy but I think even that affected me--I haven't eaten grains in almost 2 months).

I’m not a big fan of riesling in general, but with spicy food the Sheldrake Point was my favorite!

New Topic.

I just ordered this:

The Ugi Ball - it's like a squishy medicine ball!


I bought it because I’ve always loved using medicine balls (with myself and clients), and this just seems to make so much sense—you get the medicine ball feel, but it’s squishy enough to sub it in instead of a stability ball (which I’ve always liked in theory, but not so much in practical application). The other Lisa B bought it first, and I know Zuzana uses it for workouts on Bodyrock (she made her own ball though!). I’m also hoping that I can coordinate a trip to visit my cousin in Vancouver (while she’s there for taping season 2 of The Killing) with an Ugi training. Maybe if the stars align that will work out…

What easy healthy snacks do you eat during the day? Do you shoot for higher protein and lower sugar, or just go with what you like?

Have you ever participated in a wine tasting/pairing event? A twitter event?

What do you think about the Ugi ball?

Happy #WineFriday!  Tweet me your wine choice today!


17 thoughts on “A new snack, a new appreciation for riesling, and a new workout tool”

  1. Love the simplicity of those balls. I shoot for higher protein and always try to go with lower sugars. 

  2. J Balls look super yummy!!  I just kinda go with what I’m in the mood for, but aiming for lower sugar intake throughout the day is something I want to focus on.

    I’ve never participated in a twitter event but that looks like fun!  And I’ve also never tried using the ugi ball but it looks like it would be an interesting way to spice up workouts!

  3. Please so a review of the Ugi ball — I’ve seen it on Bodyrock and am somewhat interested in getting one for myself.

    Easy healthy snacks — I like fruit/peanut butter, veggies, nuts, trail mix, granola bars, etc. Nothing too exciting.

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. haha, i really like your “new topic” sentences here, lisa! i may very well steal that idea some day!…
    that exercise ball looks really neat. i have never heard of it. that would be cool to mix a visit to your cousin with ugi training (vancouver is the hippest of canadian cities, i tell you).
    i’ve never been to a wine tasting – not my thing! glad you went even though riesling (sorry, i have no clue what that is!) is not your favourite.
    my fave snack is apple with peanut butter: it’s all natural, it’s carbs/protein/fat, it’s transportable and best of all, it tastes GREAT!
    have a good weekend, lisa! do some yoga!! 🙂

  5. Snacks vary, depending on when. After my morning workout, might be a blender drink of protein powder, berries and flaxseed or flaxseed oil. Pre-lunch, when I’m hungry but not ready to eat, a pickle! Mid-afternoon is usually a sliced up apple, nuked, then sprinkled with cinnamon and Truvia, plus a tablespoon of almond butter mushed on top.

    Let us know how you like the Ugi ball. Better yet, how about a video, Lisa? 🙂

    For weights, no balls. I prefer a stable surface. But for bodyweight cardio after the workout, I like medicine balls for playing “catch” and have a “jam ball” for slamming to the floor. 

  6. Those little balls sound tasty!! Glad you enjoyed the event. I like medicine balls so i bet id like the ugi too. Glad im not th only one giving coconut flour a thumbs downnnnnn

  7. I make something so similar to that for a quick snack!

    I’ve been wanting an Ugi since I saw them advertised in my IDEA mag before they were on the market! Ugi sent me flip flops but I haven’t gotten around to budgeting for the flip flops yet! So excited to see what you think of it!

  8. I’m not a huge fan of riesling either but a local winery has the most amazing riesling its crisp and not too sweet. Those balls look amazing I am definitely making them sooon! 

  9. I could definitely use some high protein snacks to keep in my desk! I have chocolate protein powder but I’ve never bought Stevia before. I keep thinking about it, but it’s expensive and I might not like it (excuses excuses, right?)

    I’ve never gone to a wine tasting but I live in a Valley with probably 100 wineries within a 3 hour drive… I really should get on that 😉

  10. Higher protein snacks keep me full longer, but I wont turn down a good piece of fruit! This wine event looks like a lot of fun! I think that UGI ball looks AWESOME!! I look forward to seeing what you think about it.

  11. I have attended some wine/food pairing events before and they all were sooo much! you meet great open-minded people and after a couple of tastings everybody starts talking A LOT. I love your J balls. I make similar ones and named mine A balls (maybe i will switch to powerballs-sounds a bit nicer i guess). just recently posted about a try on chocoballs.. they were soooo yum! i love having them as a snack (and sneaking in extra protein powder, hempseeds, nutbutter or green grass powder!)

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