Since I’ve been gone…I’ve gotten healthier!

I’ve missed you.


I’ve been having a mental block about the blog–I have some big changes going on in my life (personal and professional), and my inner brat stomped her foot and said she wasn’t going to do anything until everything new was ready at the same time.

I gave up on that desire.


I’ve spent the last few weeks reading and researching new (to me) nutritional information. I don’t want to go into it too much right now—it will be a bigger part of the blog overhaul that is coming soon. I’ll just say this—I have left the nutrition science department in a university, and walked over to the anthropology department…magically, the dots are connecting.

p.s. my personal nutrition changes and experimenting that I’ve done (on myself) over the past week has yielded such a significant array of benefits to my mental and physical health that I feel like I’ve won the lottery. My previous Personal Improvement Plans didn’t scratch the surface—this new plan has made me a new person, and I finally proved (to myself) that all of my experimentation over the past three years has been worth it. If I had stopped trying new things…I’d still be back where I was. I had the foundation right (lots of vegetables), but I was heading in the wrong direction in other ways. More later.

A sneak peak into my revamped kitchen:

Butter from pasture fed cows...goes well with eggs from free range chix 🙂

I added this to my green juice. And it was really freakin' good.

Raw milk cheese. I'm glad I never said I was vegan...
Sugar free, low carb (but high fiber), HIGH FAT...avocado pudding. I've been making this forever, but I figured out a really obvious secret trick--add more liquid and it becomes much silkier. duh.


I have a wellness fair event on September 24th in Canandaigua. I’d love it if my local friends would come—it’s totally free, and I’m doing a smoothie demo, snack samples, and 3 mini-workshops (Bone Health, Nutrition for Athletes and Exercisers, and Ultimate Smoothies). There are also door prizes at the wellness fair, and I’m donating 3 sessions of wellness coaching (with me) as a prize (worth $375). So…come! There will be a lot of other things there too—I’ll make sure to link to the promo info when it comes out.

I’m moving this week, plus I have a trip to Boston (for a baby shower) and a trip to Florida planned in September.

What do you have coming up this fall?

Have you ever radically changed your lifestyle (or eating habits) all at once and had major awesome results?

Words for today (I don’t know where this originated, but I borrowed it from a very smart and thoughtful person’s facebook status. He’s also going to be my new neighbor, so I’m looking forward to scouting his book collection.):

“‎Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it’s essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.”

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