Beans and Beets…and Bait?!

I’m in the middle of beet paradise! I’ve eaten (or drunk) an average of two beets a day for the past week, and I’m also soaking beans to make baked beans for a party.


Mixed Beans...once they become "baked beans" they all look the same, but at this point in the process, they're prettier and more diverse in micronutrients
Here's the foundation of the recipe...I'll give the rest later!
Pretty Matters Sometimes.
Roasted. 350 degrees for 1 hour, then cut off the top and bottom, and use paper towel (or you'll have red hands...) to rub the skin off.
What? You don't have vending machines for live bait where you live?
Or horse drawn vehicle parking at the library?
A few of my sweets...I love kids.

Yesterday, my little love (the guy above on the right who is sweetly helping his friend ease into the lake), Joe’s mom and some of the kids, and I had a picnic at the lake. It was a beautiful day, and we got away with only one skinned nose (a slide mishap).

Joe made his super special red sauce last night, and I had it over my most recent kale harvest from our garden (with a little nutritional yeast and turmeric sprinkled on).


Need more veggies in your diet? Eat Joe's sauce. He added a pork chop yesterday, and after he ate it for breakfast today (!) he said it was "to die for." I don't know about you, but I'd rather not die over an icky old pork chop...but to each his own 🙂

Last night, on my way home, I stopped at my Mom’s and sat on her porch, so we could chat about my upcoming move, and peek across the street at my new home. The porches are being stripped and repainted, and there are lots of good things going on inside that I can’t see from outside. Today is a work day for me, and since I’m fueled on beets and Gojis, I am anticipating high productivity…which brings me to another topic…being ok with being unproductive. I have an upcoming post addressing this idea.

Do you eat beets?

Do you love other peoples’ kids?

Would kale be a sufficient swap-in place of pasta?

Does your town have any “weird” things?  (See bait vending machine and horse drawn parking sign above)

What’s going on this weekend?

25 thoughts on “Beans and Beets…and Bait?!”

  1. What a fun post!  I like beets but it’s not love so I can’t OD on them too much.

    I’ve used collard green strips in place of pasta (cut into this strips, sauteed in olive oil and garlic, serve marinara sauce over the cooked greens) YUM.

    –JL goes Vegan

  2. I’m so curious – I remember reading somewhere that you should eat many beets at at time! But I know you have TONS of education on this, so I’m curious where the rumor I heard came from?

    That bait vending is funny!!

    This weekend – last night we went to an old friends place that lives on 10 acres on a lake (read amazing) and had a fire and played boccee!  Today is tennis and out for dinner and tomorrow is a bridal shower!

    Have a great weekend! 

  3. LOOOVE beets!! So delicious! 😀
    For the pasta replacement, kale would be good, and also maybe some really thinly sliced zucchini….

  4. hope you’re feeling very productive by this time, lisa! good for you for knocking out a work day.
    it is hot hot hot here and i am in seventh heaven!
    i adore other people’s kids, and my nieces are at the top of the list. whenever i see them, it is a complete and utter joyful experience. that’s the best thing about being aunti: you can be loving and caring, but leave the “serious” parenting to the real parents! only one skinned nose yesterday? that’s a successful outing!
    love that you just sat and chatted with Mom. i sometimes swoop in on my parents when i know they’re having coffee at the coffee shop just for a quick chat – you’re so going to live being neighbours.
    that vending machine is very funny! we don’t have anything that unique!

  5. I love being an auntie to my friends’ kids! 

    The “weirdest” thing my town has is an underground garden. It’s actually really interesting.

  6. Hmmm…maybe I should look that up. The only concern I know of with beets is
    that some people have a reaction if they eat them (or drink them) raw… I
    haven’t experienced that! They’re also a good source of iron (and sorta
    high in sugar)…so for people who have a concern with those things, too
    many could be a negative thing!

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  7. -I love beets. In fact my childhood (and to this day) nickname from my parents was “beets.” 
    -I don’t usually love other peoples kids, or any kids for that matter. Unless they are well behaved, then I can manage. 
    -Nothing is a sufficient swap for pasta, but kale would be good WITH the pasta ;).
    -WOW, what a random and funny vending machine..once when I was on vacation in California, the vending machine at the hotel I was staying at had a row of toiletries like tampons, toothbrush and..condoms? This was odd to me. 
    -I am workkkin this weekend, hopefully enjoying some sunshine. CONGRATS on the new apt in previous post too! I love your reasoning for wanting to continue with an apartment. I feel the SAME way. 

  8. I don’t have kids so I do love other people’s kids, some more than others. 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend!

  9. I am a beetaholic! I love them- juiced, raw, roasted, pickled….you get the picture! 
    I love other peoples kids- sometimes as much as my own!

    I am happy to have found your blog!

  10. Sounds like you’ve been having a great weekend 🙂 Those beans are so pretty! Bummer they don’t stay all nice and multicolored looking once cooked together. I do eat beets- not often though. Joe’s sauce sounds tasty. I’m going to skip the pork chop though too (ick!). I love swapping veggie for pasta. Sometimes I like to do part pasta (or other grain) part veggies and then sauce.

  11. I <3 beets. I am currently reading Tom Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume and beets play quite a role in it! The only "negative" side-effect I have heard about eating too many beets is that your pee turns red and some people have been known to freak out about this, thinking they have internal bleeding.  Some of my friends have done this, only to find it was just the beets.

  12. I’ve had a couple people tell me about that side effect too…kinda funny,
    but I’m sure it’s scary to think it’s internal bleeding though!

  13. I’ve been roasting and marinating a big batch of beets every week. I find that they make for a really quick side dish, whether on their own or tossed with lettuce or greens. 

  14. It has been a few days since I have had any beets, and I am going in a withdrawal haha I have a bag in the fridge that I plan on enjoying this week 🙂 

  15. I LOVE beets and roasting them is probably my favorite cooking method.  Love the pics of the bean mix — you’re right, they are really stunning before cooking…they almost look like little gems.

  16. Bait vending machines?! That’s definitely something I’ve never seen but would find awesome.  I DO eat beets!  We’re growing a variety of heirlooms this year! I LOVE any kids. 🙂  Pasta is one of those things I can take or leave so I’m always ok with swapping something in place of it.  Des Moines is FULL of weird things…I’m not sure where I’d start.  We have a cow that is made out of butter that gets put on display each year at the state fair. This summer the lady that makes the cow each year passed away and it made the front page of the newspapers. 🙂 

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