Simplicity of the Moment

Resourcefulness and Improvisation are two important factors in empowering wellness changes in our lives, and even in just day-to-day productivity. At some point along the path of growing up, we lose some of our mojo with this. School doesn’t really teach us to do these things—instead, it requires us to follow rules and complete tasks (for the most part). As a result, we stop thinking about new ways to reach our goals, and our only options are those we already know about.

I was reminded of this over the weekend, through a conversation with my 7 year-old nephew. He’s great at working hard and figuring things out—-he once put my entire juicer back together by himself with no help, just because his brain works that way. Matthew also has this uncanny ability, just like other kids, to be in the moment and keep things simple. He does not, however, like to focus on memorizing certain facts and details…and reading is not his favorite subject. In second grade, he still doesn’t know his right from left, and really, he can’t be bothered…


Missing two front teeth---perfect spot for the tongue!

{on the phone}

Matthew: Do you know the passenger side of the car?

Lisa: Yes.

M: Well, my passenger side kneecap hurts. If I touch it, it hurts, and the driver’s side of my passenger side kneecap really hurts the most.

L: Do you mean that your right knee hurts?

M: Whichever one is on my passenger side.  That’s the one that hurts.

L: That’s your right knee.

M: Whatever. But it does hurt.



Not knowing his right from left was surely not going to stop him from getting his message across to me…

In addition to the resourcefulness and creativity of his explanation, the conversation also reminds me that I’d like to simplify my own story. When Matthew is around, it changes the way I spend my time, and looking through his eyes reminds me of how simple things can be.


It's Sunday...what should we do?
This year's garden-to-be...
All while taking a few moments to enjoy the view...well, I did anyway.
Off-roading is fun too---thank you Daddy for enforcing the helmet.
He might possibly back this thing up better than most adults could... Right from left? Bah... But cast a fishing pole or parallel park a "truck"?...Piece of cake!


Do you have funny ways to remember things?  I used to have trouble with it’s and its, and I still have trouble remembering the difference between male and female eggplants (even though I watched that Alton Brown episode more than once)!

How could you be in the moment and enjoy it without thinking about other stressors and responsibilities of life?

One of my favorite quotes from Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham): “Today the most important thing is that You Feel Good.” I always laugh when I think of this–it just sounds funny, and I don’t think our culture supports us very well in that effort. However, if we simplify our stories and get back to the basics, it’s not really all that unreasonable!


43 thoughts on “Simplicity of the Moment”

  1. I can simplify my life by drinking more green juice. And by ENJOYING my meals rather than rushing through them…savoring the sunshine and my family and friends and CRAB CAKES with you! I am so glad you three had a good time. Matthew is precious, I love his missing teeth:) Also tell Joe he could TOOOTALLY be a farmer! Haha

  2. What a wonderful story. I’m trying to think of ways that I remember things but nothing comes to mind! Shows you that I’ve forgotten a LOT!

    I think that I’m getting better at living in the moment. I always find it easier to do in the summer when I get to be outside and enjoying nature. During the cold winters, I find it much harder. I wish I lived somewhere that was warm all the time!

  3. Love that quote and you’re so right, our culture is pretty much the opposite. Love the pictures of your nephew. “How could you be in the moment and enjoy it without thinking about other stressors and responsibilities of life?” This is something I struggle with. One of the few times I can totally disconnect is when I’m running.

  4. This is a great post. I haven’t gotten it figured out yet. Yoga seems to be the place where I can focus on the moment and actually on this new project I am working on. Other than that I tend to be a bit into everything. I so love children’s ability to do this. Love the MONSTER truck.

  5. JL @ HealthyHeyday

    Lisa…your post has such impeccable timing.  I truly needed to hear this…in this moment.  Thank you for such an eloquently written post!  You are right on, my dear!  Matthew is precious and I love his way of thinking.  Children do have a way of making us “adult” look at things at a different perspective.  Keep it simple!  That is going to be my new motto.  Looking forward to future pics of your garden.  🙂  Thanks, again, for your words of wisdom!  😉

  6. lauren@spicedplate

    I love how kids simplify things.  I can’t tell my right from my left, either, unless I hold up my left hand and see that my pointer finger and thumb form an “L”, and my right hand I habitually make a “R” in sign language.  Other wise, I’m horrible in the car giving directions.
    I didn’t know there was a difference between male and female eggplants! Do they taste different?

    I agree — our culture thinks we’re selfish if we do what feels good.  But I think it’s important.

  7. I love this post and that phone conversation! Too funny! I love how kids put things into perspective and I think, as adults, we get too bogged down with making things complicating. Our family is about to move to get back to basics. We want to enjoy life more and what it has to offer. We don’t want an easier mental life. Great post Lisa!

  8. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful experience with your nephew! He sounds like a great kid, and I love the “passenger-side” reference to right!! I’m always muttering to myself “i before e except after c!” Haha! I’m having a sleepover with my 6-year-old cousin in July and am so excited!

  9. When I was younger, they way I knew my left from my right was when you make an L shape with your index figure on thumb you see the letter L meaning left! Obviously if you do it with your right hand you’ll get a backwards L! 🙂

    Sometimes I like to turn the radio off when I’m driving, roll the windows down and just take in all the sounds I hear. It’s actually pretty relaxing and gives me this positive energy. 

  10. this post really resonates with me, lisa! before going further, i must say matthew is adorable and i love the story of his right-and-left conversation with you.
    i so agree: when i am with my nieces my whole perspective and priorities change. what’s important to me is brought back loud and clear. so happy that you had matthew time this weekend (i will see my nieces on thursday this week).
    i always had a hard time with amphibians and reptiles!! to this day i remember that i failed a grade 2 test and was so upset!!! to this day, i remember my mom trying to help: “AMphibians live on LAnd and in the WAter!”
    we’ve got HEAT up here today – hope you’re lucky with the temps, too!

  11. I’m the same way when I’m with my 7-year-old niece.  I love spending time with her and getting to see life through her perspective!

  12. That story is so cute! It’s like port and starboard.

    I remember in third grade I misspelled “friend” so my mom said it was friends to the END. And weird doesn’t follow the i-e rule because it’s weird.

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  14. The male (or is it the female?) has more seeds and is more bitter… I wish I could remember the details, but I remember that you can tell by looking at the bottom of it!

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