Sun, Sand, Organic Food…and a Guest Post for SunButter!

First: Please go over to the SunButter website and read my guest post!  I’d love it if you’d leave a comment over there. SunButter is my favorite (it’s kinda like crack in my house…Joe thinks I have a problem, seriously. But it’s just so good—and it’s in my new brownie recipe that I’m going to share with you after I get home).  In the SunButter article, I talked about why babies should not eat peanut butter…


Hello from Naples, Florida! We’ve always been East Coast Florida-goers (Delray Beach is our fave), but for some reason Joe decided he wanted to check out the west side this time. Coincidentally (or not so?), we booked our trip and then found out my Mom and Fred would be in Florida in the exact same place at the exact same time as we would be. Seriously….how does that happen?

We flew in several hours after they did, and I had a webinar to do, so we stopped at this awesome organic farmer’s market/cafe called Food and Thought in Naples for dinner…and then I used Panera’s free wifi to do my webinar. For our first two nights we stayed on Marco Island, right on the beach. I love the amazing beautiful beach…with soft white manicured sand. I walked/ran both mornings barefoot—it was a workout for my feet, but in a good way.

We met Mom and Fred for dinner at Riverwalk in Naples, and now we’re staying in Naples till we go home.

What I love about Florida:


Balcony View on Marco Island---we got there so late, I had no idea that the ocean was right in front of me when I stood out there at night.


Runs and Walks on the beach


Organic Cafes...It's so much easier to order green juice than to make it...
The Hang Out on the Beach Kit
Joe likes to slam his juices (His fave is the Doctor---beets, ginger, lemon), and I like to sip.
Part of Joe's lunch---I didn't photograph much food here, just this one lunch and dinner at the Riverwalk that I texted to Katelyn...and I'm pretty sure the text took a day and a half to get to her. Just please trust me that it was all amazing.
Vegan cookie...I will be copying this. I'll share it with you 🙂


My left foot has a blotchy sunburn—apparently I missed that with the sunscreen. This trip makes me feel like I’ve reached a new level of…something. It’s the first time I haven’t thought about how to get tan and instead think about how to protect my skin. Yes, I’m old. In fact, I’ll be 33 soon. I’m wiser too, just so you know 🙂


Have you been to 5th Avenue in Naples, Florida?  If not, you should go. I love the atmosphere and the restaurants…we also stopped by the Naples Pier and saw dolphins swimming, and then caught the most amazing sunset…

{there should be a picture of it here…but I took it with my phone, and my phone is not working correctly right now—maybe it has heat stroke?}

Mom and Fred plan to retire in Florida in a couple years. We’ll go too, so I hope they pick a good place. Yes, I’m going to move where my Mom goes. She’s my soul sister, and there’s no rational reason for not living where she does. She’s just older, so she gets to pick where.

Matthew just has to be old enough to have a cell phone and to travel by himself. He’s seven now. I have spent the last seven and a half years revolving my life around spending time with him, and it has made sense—for him (mom-less) and me (as the fill-in). He’s my love. But I think my sister would tell me it’s time to make decisions about what I want for my life—he’ll be ten by the time I leave, and he won’t want to spend all his time with me anyway. It’s still going to rip my heart out, but life is just like that sometimes.

How’s your week? What’s your favorite place to go on vacation?  If you have Naples suggestions or insights, let me know!  If you live in Florida, where is the best place to live and why?!

40 thoughts on “Sun, Sand, Organic Food…and a Guest Post for SunButter!”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Aaaaahhhhh – my toes will be in sand tomorrow! I’ve never been to Naples, FL. And I am old too (older than you), I wear my big sun hat, slather on 50 and sit under the umbrella! 

  2. lauren@spicedplate

    Congrats on the Sunbutter post!  That’s so exciting.  I’ve never been to florida, but my dad bought some land there when he was 15, so it’s always intrigued me.  Can’t wait for you to copy that vegan cookie — it looks amazing.  and Grape kombucha!! I’ve never tried that flavor.

  3. I’m going to check out your Sunbutter post next!

    The view of the ocean is so amazing — I definitely wish I was there!

  4. Beeeeauuutiful sandy photos! I love them. I’ve never been to Naples, I think the only place in FL I’ve been is Orlando! Hope your foot feels better soon!

  5. My parents have a new vacation home in Naples, Florida but i’ve yet had a chance to visit it! Looks like ur having a great vacation! That vegan cookie looks really good, I’d like to see you recreate it!

    My favorite place to go on vacation is Italy. I have so much family there so I’ve always looked forward to when to travel there.

  6. I would totally move wherever my Mom (and family) went too! We were given a family for a reason – and I don’t believe it was to be away from each other! 🙂

  7. ack!! i love this post, lisa!! i spent two weeks in florida last summer, and spent 2-3 days in naples and on marco island (i did a day trip there just to relive family trip memories from the ’80’s). i LOVED 5th avenue in naples. i also loved walking past the enormous homes – millionaire row, i think it is? so glad you’re catching some sun, spending quality time with your family. ENJOY!!!
    i love that you call your mom your soul sister – my mom understands me, too, like no one else.
    i understand what you say about matthew…i don’t like to think about the day that they’ll be too big for our current visiting routine.
    have a most fabulous weekend!

  8. Ahh sunny beaches and organic cafes! Picture perfect way to spend a vacation. Enjoy your trip and I can’t wait for your recipes yuummmay!

  9. Lisa, 

    Your love for your family is so evident in your writing. I feel the same way about my mom though she’s been nice enough to let us choose. I suppose that’s good because we need to go wherever Nick’s job is. 😛

    You’re so right that your nephew will understand and will want you to be happy. You’ve done so much for him and his dad you do need to do what’s best for you.

    It looks like an amazing vacation, I hope you soak up lots of relaxation, sunshine, and delicious juice!

  10. I missed my fresh juice on our recent vacation… only able to find one place that had juicing on the menu. it was the first thing I made when we got home!!  🙂  and you can bet I slammed that one! 

    aw – I love the way you describe you + your mom… that is awesome you are so close, family is important.

    the sand looks gorgeous – ENJOY!!

  11. I LOVE sun butter too! Total addict. I made Jenna’s sun butter  cookies, and I’d be totally up for trying it in brownies- yum! Glad you guys are having such a nice trip. The beach is fabulous- I’m happy to live pretty close to one. And I agree- living near your Mom rocks. I was away from my parents for years and now they’re only an hour away. It makes me so happy. I’ve never been to Naples, but now I want to go. Going to check out your article now

  12. I left a comment on your Sun Butter post!

    I have actually never been to the east coast of Florida! My grandpa lives in Clearwater so that’s where we always go.

    And I wish I could live in the same place as my mom! I haven’t seen her since Christmas 🙁

  13. Katherine Horning

    Love your beach kit I read that mag a few days ago… I’m headed to cheek out your guest post next sun butter is amazing.

  14. When we have so much love for our families it is easy to do the work putting them first when they so clearly need it.  And, when we so clearly need it too.  Tragedy has a way of bringing out the best in the best of us.  And you would be a shining example of that.  Soak up the sun for me too!!!

  15. Oh the beach looks divine. I am so needing there now. Funny to hear about how people drink their juice. That is a post in itself. I sip and my hubby guzzles. Too funny. I agree that it is nice to have your juice made for you!!

    I think that sounds great that you will be going where your mom goes. Sounds like you have a great relationship.

  16. Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    The beach is soooo my happy place. Hope ou enjoyed your vacay you deserve it busy lady!

  17. Goodness, I love how you described your mom as your soul sister. I could not agree more and would absolutely want to move wherever my mum went 🙂

  18. VEGAN COOOKIES! I have to make some cookies today, I am craving like no other. I am so glad you had a splendid time:) I can’t wait to test run my grill and make some fishy deliciousness!

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