Follow Your Bliss: Making Work Feel Like Play

I’m really busy, which has really pushed me to decide not to be this busy in the future, even if it means I will have to have a budget in the grocery store. Did I just say that? It’s not true—I will always work more if it means I can buy whatever I want in the produce section. I’m just weird like that. But Joe’s going to plant a garden this year at his parents’ house so maybe that will decrease what I need to buy (How will that work? We live an hour from there…I’ve learned not to ask!).

I can grow more of these for just pennies! (but I'd rather just buy them)

My new motto: Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

Update: The Killing is a huge hit with the critics and the ratings. Kristen and I re-visited the story of how she persevered with the show idea and pitched it to AMC when no one else would take the risk. It’s pretty amazing!


I watched the pilot and second episode on iTunes, but you can also watch it online for free on the AMC website (and look for Co-Producer: Kristen Campo in the opening credits!). I recommend it! Support my cousin—she works like a maniac (right now they’re in Vancouver shooting the finale), and she knows she’s fulfilling her purpose in life: Bringing stories to people. It’s so funny that she and I are quite opposite personality-wise, but at some levels we have so much in common.

Related: Last night I was telling my online students about The Killing during our webinar (yes, I wear a headset–thank gosh it’s just an audio/power point seminar, and they don’t have video access of me teaching in my living room in my pj’s). As we chatted about the idea, we decided that the best case scenario for life is to (1) follow your bliss and passion and (2) make that your profession so that working doesn’t feel like work.

Do you have this in your life?  I know my cousin works really hard—18 hour days, etc., but she’s living her passion so it’s totally worth it to her.

I think I’m partially there—I love the topics I work in, it’s just the overall situation that isn’t totally perfect yet. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m working toward that situation, and maybe it won’t happen instantly. Baby steps work!

Also, I have two more smoothie workshops scheduled!

If you’re not living your passion…what are you doing to move toward it, even baby steps?

New Topic:

I love Fuerte avocados. These are little guys, and they are so good. Joe put one in his soup yesterday and proclaimed it to be the best avocado he’s ever had! You can order them (cheaper than than in the grocery store with free shipping) from SoCal Avocados!

I accidentally soaked a huge bunch of cashews. I wasn’t thinking—I bought cashews and almonds and dumped them both in water, later realizing that was stupid. Cashews are usually not raw even when they say they are—they are heated to get the shells off, so soaking them unless you’ll use them immediately (for cashew cream) is pointless. So I made pudding out of some (and the rest are in my fridge needing to be used). It was good, but would have been better as frosting or with raw brownies or something. I added vanilla and orange extract–yum!

I have some new kitchen things in the works—I just need time to implement them!

Have you eaten anything new and fun lately?

I hope you’re all out there living your dreams 🙂

33 thoughts on “Follow Your Bliss: Making Work Feel Like Play”

  1. I love the idea of working smarter! I’m not doing something I am passionate about at work, and it is kind of a bummer. I think my gen (everyone that got screwed right after college b/c of this economy) kind of feels like this. We took whatever jobs we could b/c nothing was available, and now we’re all unhappy. Yuck! Hopefully, I can live my dreams out soon!

  2. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I think that if you're doing what you love, then hard work doesn't seem so hard. Of course. I'm not living that right now so I don't really know 😉 We are soooo behind on our garden this year.

  3. Kristina @ spabettie

    I cannot wait to get my garden started – soon I hope! still a bit cold…

    I had this balance conversation already this morning!! if you are following your passions and doing what you love, it doesn't seem like work when you have more of it… I also realize this isn't always an option for everyone… even with something you love, though, it's healthy to have downtime AND have other interests and pursuits. balance to me doesn't mean sitting on the couch, it means having non-work related interests and activities. 😀

  4. huge congrats to your cousin on the positive reviews of 'the killing!' that is so awesome. happy to hear she is working in vancouver right now – supporting the canadian film industry!
    i think it's great that you're doing what you love, lisa…and realizing that you need to tweak your commitments and schedule a bit. hey, life is a lot of trial and error as we go along, isn't it?
    i AM doing exactly what i am passionate about: i love retail, and i love working at the running store (i've been there almost 6 years which is twice the length of time i've held any other career choice). i'm a certified teacher, taught for three years, and didn't enjoy it so i got out. would i make a lot more $ as a teacher? you betcha. retail pays peanuts. but to be EXCITED about going to work, to feel a big sense of satisfaction from my job, and to feel peace and balanced and centred-ness are worth it to me. thanks for the thought-provoking discussion question!
    avacados – super yum!!!

  5. That cashew pudding looks incredible! YUM! I am trying to figure out what that dream is. I feel like we need to take a step back from our lives right now and regroup (so to speak). I think we are on the right path, but we really need to evaluate exactly where we are and where we want to be in the future.

    Congrats to your cousin!

  6. Heather (All Sizzle)

    I cannot wait to have a garden this year…even if it is a humble one.
    I feel like i'm dragging my feet in the 'follow your dreams' department lately. I'm just not sure what they are yet!

  7. Those avocados are beautiful!!!

    I'm so happy for your cousin — that is so exciting to be doing what you love and getting plenty of encouragement from others as well.

    I'm not living out my passions — to be honest I don't really know what my dream job would actually be — this has always been such a tough subject for me!

  8. I've never had that type of avocado before! Will definitely have to look out for it!

    I haven't eaten anything new lately, but I did try something new this morning – a Spinning class.

    Yeah, pure torture… but you know what? I think I liked it =)

  9. I like how you phrase that, follow your bliss. Bliss can be more than just a moment, its almost state of mind. I'd like to think I work towards that daily, at least I attempt to.
    I really want that frothy , creamy, cashew goodness right now, brilliant!

  10. I am the SAME way with the food store- I'd much rather work more so I don't have to budget 🙂 mmm cashew pudding. I want to try. And glad the avocados are awesome. If Josh liked them- I'd buy a box! But its just me!! Have a good afternoon

  11. So true on growing sprouts, I'm dedicated to growing my own now instead of buying them – so much cheaper!

    Great topics with your students, I don't have enough of that in my life – but am trying to get there.

  12. I AM SO EXCITED FOR KITCHEN ADVENTURES TOMORROW 🙂 We have to try really really hard not to OD on cashoos and zevia tomorrow…we have to keep it light so we don't puke at the gym:) I am going to watch the killing when I am not swamped with work. Hahaha procrastination nation over here

  13. Your avocado's look amazingly good. I could use those right now. I can't believe all of the cashews. That looks like so much fun. I am new to your blog and it looks great. I totally understand about the time issue and being busy.

  14. I often hear the advice to “follow your passion”. And I get it, really I do…but what if you don't HAVE a passion, per se? What if you're interested in…well…everything? I'm going to be reinventing myself over the next year, since a move is forcing me to leave my teaching job. In a way, it's exciting…but in a way, it's also overwhelming. Now that I'll have the time and the space to “follow my passion”, I'm realizing that I have absolutely no idea what that passion is!

  15. Hey Lisa! Great thought-provoking post–I love hearing about where others find their passions and interests. I've fortunately found a job that I absolutely love and I try to remind myself (especially on the difficult days) how grateful I am to be doing social work with the students our program serves.

    Good luck on your upcoming smoothie workshops 🙂 Have a great week!

  16. That avocado looks delicious! I don't think I've ever tried that kind, but I definitely will if I ever see it. Being a college student, I still don't know if I'll end up doing what I love- although I certainly hope it turns out that way. I guess a took step in the right direction when I changed major though.

  17. Pretty avocados!
    I'm with you- I will do whatever I have to do/ budget other things to not have to skimp on produce/ groceries I want. LIFES TOO SHORT haha!

  18. I think you’re absolutely right. If you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work at all! I feel very lucky to be in that position. I mean there are aspects (administrative) that I could do without but I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I think having the right ‘job’ and doing what you love is so important to a happy and fulfilling life.

  19. Canyoustayfordinner

    Gosh, I love that: Don't work harder. Work smarter.” I am ALWAYS trying to work toward that. It's part of my quest for efficiency and finding the best balance in my life. Love that you're doing the same.

    I would like that whole plate of avocados…oh how I love them and their creaminess 🙂

    A few days ago I had the most lovely Halibut with lemon olive oil. So tasty.

    Happy Thursday, friend!

  20. I just got a job as a group exercise coordinator at a health club and I am so excited! I get to teach and work with other group exercise instructors for a living and for me, it doesn't get much better than that!!

    I'm with you on working more for a bigger produce budget!

  21. I hear you on being too busy. I have been there. Now I am good at keeping in balance but keeping even balance in perspective. Today I had lots to do- tomorrow is lower key. In the end – balance!

  22. I feel so lucky that my work feels like play (well… it kinda is, anyway). But I even enjoy the less-fun parts, like the administrative stuff and sending out mailings, just because I know I'm pursuing what matters to me. This is what I was waiting for all those years I was stuck in Indiana…

    And I also love Fuerte avocados! Before I moved to California I'd never had any kind of avocado besides Hass and I had so much fun trying the new kinds at the farmers market!

    Can you make some sort of cashew cheese out of your soaked cashews? I remember making a raw “manicotti” and I soaked cashews for that and then just blended them in the food processor with some seasonings (and pesto, if I remember correctly) and it was pretty awesome.

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