Carrot Pulp Adventures (including dessert!), Avocados, and Another Successful Smoothie Workshop!

I’ve been super busy for the last several days (in a good way). Eight weeks till summer break! 🙂

Keeping it simple. Water + Vega Chocolate + Ice
...and more of the same. I'm really loving this stuff after workouts in the evening (I tend to eat dinner at like 2 or just works for me!)
Remember when I showed you the carrot/almond balls? I think this could be the start of something really great...
Dark Chocolate Covered Veggieroons! Usually, I make the raw macaroons with lots of heavy coconut...this? No sugar added (but still enough sweetness!), with a carrot/almond base.

I took a little bit of this...
And double boiler-ed it...
I dipped the carrot-roons in it, and chilled them in the fridge.
These are fabulous. Have you ever considered having veggies for dessert? I didn't...until now!

I think it’s possible I might change the world with these veggie-roons. They’re really amazing. I was surprised at how great they really were—not too sweet, not too bitter. The chocolate totally balanced the carrot perfectly.

Other things:

I got my first monthly shipment from SoCal Avocados! It's 20 avocados for $30---includes shipping, is way cheaper than the grocery store, and they're from the US! I also like the idea of supporting a family farm.

And for the most exciting news of the day (this must be good—that stuff I already showed you is hard to beat!)… Petra and I did a smoothie workshop today at Grounded by Yoga in Bloomfield (it’s right outside Canandaigua). This is an amazing new yoga studio, just opened for business yesterday by my friend Sandy. We had 16 people (including my mom!), and we gave them 7 samples of smoothies…while we talked about the ingredients and nutrient benefits of them. My mom said it went great, so I’m going to totally believe her 🙂

This is the first time we’ve done the workshop without a table though…we made it work, but I definitely prefer to make smoothies standing up!  Mom took some pics without the flash and from a distance (and she’s horrible at anything camera related…). I’ll show you a few, but just know the quality of the workshop is not related to the quality of the photos!

Setting up...Looks like a mess, but we were totally organized I swear!
I had to include this even though I look ridiculous (I learned from these pics that I am slightly more expressive when I speak than I thought I was...or those fire things behind my head were really freaking me out.)
We took turns blending and talking (I think I chatted enough for everyone!)

More hand talking! Do you do this? I can't keep my hands still. Ever.

I hesitated at posting those pics—I do know how bad they are. Maybe someday I’ll get some real ones!  I love smoothie workshops because it’s a great opportunity to share good information with people who want it. We cover everything from protein powder to superfoods….to different types of milk, the idea of drinking leafy greens, and lots more.

One last thing…

On Sunday night (tomorrow) on AMC, a new show is premiering called The Killing. My cousin sold this show to AMC last year (right before she turned 30), and she’s just spent the last several months in Vancouver while they shot the first season. She promises me that it’s going to be an awesome show (but I don’t have cable, so if you could watch it and tell me all about it…that would be great. Just kidding. I’ll find some way to watch it!)

The Killing

I worked really hard this week, and I plan to keep doing it—the stress started to make my heart flutter on thursday. As the wellness coach, I can’t let myself keep that up 🙂

My solution? I did work till midnight last night so I could relax today (and smooth-ify some people). Tomorrow I will be working all day/evening again so I’m totally ready for the week (no more heart fluttering!).

What’s new with you? Would you be interested in a smoothie workshop? A veggie-based dessert? Avocado of the month club?

35 thoughts on “Carrot Pulp Adventures (including dessert!), Avocados, and Another Successful Smoothie Workshop!”

  1. your workshop looks like so much fun! When I teach yoga I notice I talk a LOT with my hands. Its ridiculous. And those avocados, yum. I want some right now 🙂

  2. I talk with my hands all the time! lol! I know how you feel!! Your workshop I bet was awesome! So cool!

    Your carrot chocolate macaroons look amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. Dairyfreebetty

    I want those avocados…. yummy!! Oh the fun you could have!

    Also if you need a taste tester for those veggiroons, I know someone FABULOUS that will take them off your hands! hehe 🙂

    Also, if you have any really great smoothie recipes, I am doing a smoothie workshop with the special needs adults I'm working with, and would love info to give them and recipes… I'm working on the recipes, but they are almost all over weight and VERY unhealthy, so I am trying to encourage healthier eating. I always bring in my “green smoothies” and they've all promised to have 1 sip!! (YAY!)

    Have a great night!! great job on the smoothie workshop!

  4. look at you, so professional. WIsh I could have been in your class. Hope you don't get too stressed this week. More recovery and fabulous nourishment!

  5. congrats on getting through your hectic week, and maintaining your sanity, lisa! glad you are finding everything fulfilling, though.
    and thanks for posting the photos – “less than perfect” lets us see the real you. i talk with my hands a lot, too! just shows our exuberance for life! 🙂
    i would love to receive avacados by mail! they're definitely not native to southern ontario!
    good luck with your day tomorrow!

  6. Erica - Itzy's Kitchen

    owwww- the carrot/almond balls look awesome (with or without the chocolaty coating!) Glad the smoothie presentation went well. Sounds like fun- I'd definitely want to attend something like that. hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful

  7. JL @ HealthyHeyday

    Lisa, those veggie-roons look delectable! A veggie-based dessert … brilliant! A smoothie workshop sounds wonderful, informative and yummy! I think we all get animated and talk with our hands when we are passionate about what we are sharing. 🙂 You, go, Girl! I can't wait til I'm back in California to meet up with the SoCal Avocado peeps! 🙂 I eat an avocado everyday. Enjoyed your post and pictures! We are about all packed up and ready to make our way to sunny California. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Those veggie-roons look yummy! 😀
    Also, the smoothie workshop looks fun! My friends used to joke that if my hands were tied, I couldn't talk, because I use them so much as I'm speaking! hahaha

  9. To answer your questions: yes, yes and yes! Those carrot-choco-roons look so amazing. I would never have thought of combining those ingredients. Your smoothie workshop would be so much fun! 7 different smoothies = afternoon of joy. Was it hard to find participants?

  10. The pictures are good, don't be so hard on yourself. I definitely can't get my hands to shut up…I definitely talk with them. I love veggie based desserts. Those carrot macaroons look so good. Congrats to your cousin. I saw the preview and it scares me…I'm such a chicken, but I love what AMC is doing lately with their programming. I will have to check it out.

  11. I don't advertise my smoothie workshops…I just let the people who are

    interested request it and then I schedule one. So…this one was requested

    by a yoga studio and the owner advertised it. It was actually effortless for

    me to get participants 🙂

    I've noticed that the venue really determines the crowd—I have some

    scheduled as “community programs” at libraries and things like that—huge

    crowd there, like 40+ people (again, effortless for me!), but as a group

    they are not as well versed in wellness/nutrition as the yoga crowd!

    Another way is the home party–again, the host gets the participants. But

    those groups are way more talkative (because they're friends) so it's a

    totally different experience.

    It's lots of fun—way better than pampered chef or something 🙂

  12. I love the idea of those veggie-roons. How creative!

    I talk with my hands, especially when I talk in front of a group of people. I think I do it out of nervousness!

    I really want to get that avocado of the month club– I just haven't gotten around to joining. I just loved the ones I got last time!

  13. Seriously, we are going to change the world with veggie roons. Why didn't anyone else ever think of that?! Slash I just watched the preview for the Killing and it looks pretty good, it's so funny how you see things that become widespread and BIG and then realize it's your friend's cousin who created it – it's like realizing how small the world is, and how great regular people are. It makes me so excited to go to college and hopefully make healthy living a widespread thing:)

  14. sign me up for everything! those veggie macaroons look like something I'd love to make and eat — and the chocolate is a heavenly touch. I love smoothies (i'm actually “eating” one right now) and avocados are delightful, but so expensive in the store — it seems cheaper to buy them in bulk like that!

    Hope you get to relax — have a great day!

  15. Crazy veggies—they just fit everywhere in my life 🙂

    I was at the J this morning, and felt like something was missing—you

    weren't perched on your bike!!!

    I'm so proud of my cousin–she's amazing at what she does and has worked her

    buns off to get where she is. You're right—it's a great reminder that

    “regular” people have potential to be super awesome and make a huge impact.

    So…let's do that with veggie roons too 🙂

  16. I just checked out your instructions for making the veggie-roons/carrot balls in the last post, and I can't believe how easy it is! Those DO look amazing. Do you have any suggestions for using a de-hydrator? I have to be honest: my husband's parents gave us one for Christmas, and I still haven't used it yet! I need to get over my fears and jump right into the world of de-hydrating 🙂

    Hope you have a great week, Lisa!

  17. I love that you used carrot in a dessert! I'm not into carrots at all, but I definitely think I'd like them a lot more if they were mixed in with something sweet! I talk with my hands too haha! My friends always say…if you want to get Sophia to stop talking, tie her hands behind her back! 🙂

  18. Start with something super easy! Just do some sprouted/soaked almonds. Buy

    raw almonds, dump them in a bowl with water and soak overnight. Rinse, and

    then put in the dehydrator on 115 degrees. Taste one every once in a while

    till they're dry 🙂

    I promise it's not scary once you get started! But I have messed up plenty

    of things, so beginning with crackers or granola might be a little

    disappointing. If you do something simple like just drying something out

    (like nuts), you'll just break the ice and get it going!

    Have fun and definitely post whatever you dehydrate!!!

  19. Veggie-roons- I love it! This sounds so good, one of those “duh” after the fact moments that I wouldn't have thought of on my own 🙂

  20. I know don't they?! And giiirl I know! I went late today and ran OUTSIDE:) It was so so so nice, I had a real breakthrough with my running. I cried. But that is a story for another day:) Slash I am SO excited for spin!! We have to make sure to kick super duper ass so Nancy is impressed. She's my idolll. And yes we are taking the world by storm!!

  21. If veggies for dessert taste as good as those veggie-roons look, I'm definitely on board. 🙂 Your smoothie workshop sounds so neat too! I would love to take something like that.

  22. I love that you get avocados from a farm, can't wait for some great avocado recipes!!

  23. healthy_diaries

    I LOVE the idea of your veggie-roons. They sounds delicious and I would definitely buy them if I saw them in stores! 😉

    Your smoothie workshops always sound like so much fun. I'd definitely attend one if I lived out by you!

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  25. Your veggie-roons look delish!!

    I wish I could have attended your smoothie workshop, it sounds like it was a great workshop! If i'm not working, I will definitely be at your next smoothie workshop, or veggie-roon workshop 🙂

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