Wordy Wednesday: What Do You Love?

When I was a kid, I had a very super special blanky and two small stuffed puppies (and I carried around one puppy under each armpit). Those items brought me more comfort than I could probably explain, and I had this deep love for Blanky, Puppy, and Puppie (I Β decided how their names were spelled when I was 4 or 5). I was also in the habit of chewing on Puppy’s plastic eyes, and chewed off his nose, but that’s a story for another time.

I went to kindergarten, and almost immediately was introduced to the concept of what is “cool.” I think it was the first time I really felt out of place—viewing this wacky weird world as an observer, and thinking that something was a little off. What is wrong with a world where you can’t just carry your puppies under your armpits if you feel like it?!

In the past, my friend Monica and I talked about how we sometimes drive down the highway and just laugh at the cars—people in these little machines zooming all over the place with such urgency. We weave in and out of other peoples’ lives, even virtually, and get our priorities all screwed up along the way. We get intense about things that don’t matter, and then it affects our health and life too. How silly is that?

As an adult, I don’t have puppy, puppie, and blanky anymore (well, I do, but they are packed away in a box). Instead I’ve replaced the comfort I received from them with comfort from myself and other people. Ok, and maybe a few of my things.

Some self-proclaimed very enlightened people will talk about how an enlightened being does not need things to feel good. I don’t want to get into this concept too much, except to say that this is not true for me. I don’t need things. But I enjoy things sometimes, and I think part of the purpose of human existence is to feel joy.

I look at how much affection Matthew has for this weird Pillow Pet, and I don't want to discourage him from that---I want him to feel affection towards things. Is it practice for people and for later?

Maybe the trick is that if my things went away, I would still be happy. I don’t know.

What things do you have that you love?

I have my bed that I ordered from Denmark in 2003, my living room furniture that I bought from Arhaus in 2008, my kitchen appliances!, and a few pieces of furniture. The details of my stuff and how I collected them are part of what I love about them.

My bench
My blanket
My chair
My infrared sauna
Part of the living room furniture

For all the enlightened people out there who can go through life not being attached to any stuff, I’m impressed. I don’t aspire to be unattached, I just aspire to get the appropriate kind of enjoyment out of my stuff…The stuff I love adds enjoyment to my life, and if it leaves me, I’ll have lots of other eggs in other baskets that will still make me happy and feel good. This, combined with not trying to be cool, has made my adult life a lot more ease-ful…and that’s one of my main goals in life (effortless ease).

What stuff do you love in this wacky messed up world? Would you be sad if it disappeared?

40 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: What Do You Love?”

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  2. My sister had a blanket she always carried with her (and chewed the edge of) she called her Bita Blanket. My niece and nephew are obsessed with their pillow pets I bought the for Christms. I think while we may not really “need” some thing like that, we do need them. They are comforting, they remind us of things like home, or happy memories depending on the object. I would be lost with out my family pictures!

  3. A lot of the stuff that I cherish is stuff that loved ones have given me or things that bring back good memories. I would definitely be sad if they disappeared.

    I also love some stuff that I have purchased recently, but most of that can be replaced so if it were to disappear I would be ok πŸ™‚

  4. When I was young I had a blanket too. I still keep it in my room. Hm…thing that I love…I'd have to say my comfy slippers and my Chicago Bears coffee mug! πŸ™‚

  5. I love stuff, but I don't get too attached to many things. After my dad passed, my mom wanted tog give each of us one of his possessions, but I really wasn't interested in that. And then she offered me whatever I wanted out of the house, and I said that at some point, there was a handpainted lamp that I would like to have. She offered it to me there and then, but I said no, I don't need it right now.

    I would be lost more without my laptop, phone, etc. I live a large part of my life online. But other than that, I can lose things and not worry.

  6. I get really attached to inanimate objects, which is weird. Not in a creepy way, but I could not bear to throw out my old running shoes. I used them for 8 years, and when I got new ones over the summer, I just couldn't ditch my old ones! I don't know why… they just held such good memories!

  7. I have a teddy bear that my aunt gave me on the day I was born. For some reason it is my favorite thing in the world. I've gone to great lengths to keep him intact. He's been burned, ripped, torn, unfluffed, lost, you name it. I gave him to James now and he takes just as good of care as him as I did. πŸ™‚

  8. I love this perspective. I've never been that into stuff – I've lived out of a suitcase for 6 months at a time and been just fine, and I got rid of everything I owned except what I could fit into my two-door Solara when I moved to LA. That said, I certainly don't see anything wrong with loving some inanimate objects and I don't aspire to be unattached.

    I love my jewelry, and my four-foot-tall jewelry armoire. Yes. You read that right. I also love my stuffed animals, my books, my plant I named Olivier, and all my clothes and accessories. I love my Kokopelli stuff, and my big poster of Elvis.

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  10. I love that pillow pets were the big gift this christmas. I am not saying they are innovative but atleast they are not a video game. is that sauna in your house? BLOGGER VISIT! jk… but really I've never been in a sauna- is it great?

  11. I know—the pillow pet is one of those things every child (in my
    presence) want gaga over…and it's just so…simple. They are pretty
    soft though (but the song from the commercials is haunting me!).
    Yes, the sauna is in my apt…it's super fabulous, especially in the
    winter. I like to go in with music or a book and just “bake.”Β  I'm
    totally open to blogger/sauna visits πŸ™‚

  12. oooo, that sauna looks delightful! thanks for sharing your “stuff” that makes you happy! fun to see!
    i am not TOO attached to objects; but i do love photographs – i have albums dating back to my babyhood, and those memories are precious. and i do love my home – for me, anything, anyplace that gives me happy vibes is important.
    this is a great post, lisa!

  13. I love my dog. I think that if my house burned down and my husband and I could get out unscathed, the only thing I would care about saving is my dog. I have a lot of awesome stuff, but I really don't think any of it matters other than her.

  14. You have good taste! πŸ™‚ That's a good question…I think my favorite personal belongings are my photo albums (in particular, the one from my wedding/honeymoon) and my cookbooks. When I go through and look at old pictures or peruse old cookbooks, it's like being reacquainted with an old friend. πŸ™‚

  15. I agree—it seems to be the things that are attached to memories or

    sentiments that are meaningful…the rest, well, I like it but it's just

    stuff πŸ™‚

  16. I know what you mean—the object can be associated to the feelings and

    memories, it's just hard to let them go (even if it's a pair of stinky old


  17. I also get much comfort from a few possessions. Thinking about it after reading your post, I realize mine are either hand-me-downs from people no longer with me or things that transport me to a happy moment (like toys, photos, the kids' hand made gifts or old letters). It's great to feel the energy of love that comes from my treasures.

  18. ok before I forget, can I please come and just sit in your sauna all day?!!!!! So awesome you have one, If I had one I would be in it every single day, its freezing here!

    I love this post, I can say Im attached to my phone, if I lost it, i would possibly die, my phone is very special to me, without I would be lost, and my computer!

    p.s. I can never stop eating cereal either so I tend to stay away from it, the fiber one I buy because its really healthy, no sugar and low cals and a bowl fills u up! I found a new kashi cereal today and bought it, Im soooo bad, because Im trying to not buy cereal, lol, i got sucked in!

  19. hey Lisa- Glad you found my site so I could find yours! I am a practicing Buddhist. So I have spent a lot, A LOT of time working with my feelings about stuff. And I think it is great to love stuff, but to not be defined by it. It is like being fit and healthy but not being defined by a number- you can have both!

  20. Erica - Itzy's Kitchen

    What a great post! I was a blankie and stuffed animal kind of kid too. You have a sauna? That is so cool. I have love for the following: my super fuzzy blanket that keeps me warm while a work and gives Frank a soft place to lay his head, my giant cheer that I sit in when I relax, my super comfortable mattress, my house and my fenced in back yard that lets Franky run and run

  21. That sauna is freakin' awesome! Definitely jealous there! I think anything in my kitchen is what I prize the most. I definitely wouldn't want to give any of it up!

  22. oh boy, there has always been something I felt I couldn't live without. Mostly it's a something to DO as opposed to have.
    excluding my camera and techie things…but that aside, I need to be with yarn.
    it's comforting and challenging and you have something to show for your work.

    I also have a very soft and fuzzy blanket that I am attached too.

    the rest I am okay with.

    fun post!!!

  23. Cute stuffed animal! And an infrared sauna?! Nice! I think I'd be sad to have that one gone.

    I'm pretty attached to my pajamas, to be honest. And my nice warm slippers waiting at home. Oh, and my blender. Besides that, I could PROBABLY get by without a lot- haha- I say that but it's so easier said that done! πŸ˜‰

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