This Week? Just Dandy!

My friend Petra and I have had several discussions about how, when we come up with new recipes, we’d rather not try and make our fab new healthy foods sound like a spin-off of conventional foods.

Some things, like Veganaise, make sense—it’s mayonnaise turned vegan.

But, when I first made Chickpea Surprise (named by Petra), I was calling it Mock Tuna. We decided, however, that we didn’t want to make it look like we’d rather be eating tuna but we’re settling for chickpeas.

Because I don’t want tuna—-I want chickpeas!

So, I’m making an effort to not make mock foods…let them be what they are. I’m working on that for myself too 🙂

Alternately, sometimes you need a good sub. My Mom has been trying to cut back on her coffee consumption (but she really likes it!), so she found Dandy Blend, which is made of the extracts of three roasted herb roots: dandelion, chicory and sugar beet- and two roasted grains – barley and rye.

Dandelion...the part in the "coffee" is the root, but isn't this prettier? Who decided dandelions were undesirable anyway? I think they're beautiful 🙂

Why eat/drink dandelion root?

It promotes digestive health, soothes the stomach, can help prevent heartburn, contributes to liver detox, and enhances kidney function! (But don’t munch on the ones in your yard).

She says it is not exactly like coffee, and the first sip did not knock-her-socks-off…but she likes it, and subs it in for coffee when it fits for her.

Other dandy pictures from this week:

Did you ever have a desk like this in school?

Joe's mom gave us this refinished school desk that was found in someone's barn. It looks just like my desk from first grade!
Making a smoothie for a friend---what's your preference? Vega or Sun Warrior protein powder?
I'm resigned to buying kombucha again since my SCOBY got moldy, but I really am not impressed with the Enlightened version!
What? You don't strain your goobers?

Do you challenge yourself in order to achieve things?

Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. I’ve found if I challenge myself to do something I’m not ready for, it just plain doesn’t work.

This month, I joined Angie in her January Challenge.

Here are the things I did to be kind this week:

Sat: Visited my grandparents

Sun: Talked on the phone with a friend (and by talked I mean that I listened for hours about her problems!)

Mon: Returned a stray cart to the corral in the grocery store parking lot

Tues: Donated money to a charity online

Wed: Called a student who was confused about an assignment to see if she had figured it out

Thurs: Had a discussion about avocados with a woman at the store, and let her know that conventional avocados have been shown not to have any pesticide residue (so she could save a few cents!)

Fri: Cleaned the entire apartment

What do I feel like after writing this list? Well, it isn’t very impressive! I tried to list things I don’t normally do (I think I’m already kinda nice!).

Do you do kind things everyday? What could you do today?

What do you remember from your elementary school days?

49 thoughts on “This Week? Just Dandy!”

  1. Elementary school—-a girl asked to play with my hair. Then she cut it off when I wasn’t looking. Then she got suspended. She was 6!!

    I liked the Kombucha before it was enlightened. It’s not nearly as effervescent as before.

    True story: Ryan and the girls collected all the dandelions on our block last summer to make a salad. We love our dandy’s!

    I truly try to do something kind each and every day. Not too hard to do when you have three cutie patooties like I do to be kind to. 🙂

  2. I’m loving chickpeas right now! I usually just toss them onto my salads or heat them by the handful but i’m curious about the mock tuna recipe (I just looked it up, looks tasty!)
    Im intrigued by the Dandy Blend…where does your mom buy it?

    I usually try to do kind things if the opportunity arises, but I guess I could go more out of my way to do so!

  3. I used to take dandelion supplements but I've been wanting to try the real thing for a while!

    Today I cleaned, and cleaned some more! =) haha I can't stop!

    I remember maybe 5 or 6 things from elementary school. Like the teachers — but the rest is a hot mess of a blur — oh no! memories come back!

  4. Oops I thought I commented earlier but I guess it didn't work.

    I am intrigued by the dandy blend, where does your mom get it??

    I love chickpeas but usually just toss them onto a salad or eat them by the handful. I just looked up the mock tuna recipe and it looks good! May be trying that soon.

    I try to do kind things when the opportunity arises but could probably do a better job of going out of my way to do them…

  5. I love the idea of making it a point to do something kind every day. Very cool. I can't find Vega here so I've not yet tried it but always hear fantastic things about it. Gonna have to check out the recipe for Chickpea Surprise! Hope you're having a great evening!

  6. Ok, I don't see it. So here's the short version…

    1) LOVE your jeans! What brand/style are they?
    2) I'm growing a scoby now too. How did you know yours got moldy? It just looks NASTY to me, but no fuzzy stuff. Hope that's a good sign 🙂


  7. I haven't tried Vega or Sunwarrior–but I have some Sunwarrior on the way from amazon so I hope I love it!

    I totally don't strain my kombucha, I drink the goobers right up! Am I gross or what?

    Love your week of kindness. 🙂

  8. I think that you did a wonderful job on your list. I am sure that you are nice already. 😀

  9. I used to have a little wooden school-desk (just like the one you pictured!) in my room when I was growing up–I loved it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your list of kind deeds–it's a wonderful reminder about the importance of doing random acts of kindness every day!

    Have a great week!

  10. Erica - Itzy's Kitchen

    The little things can have such a large impact. Sounds like you've had a fabulous week 🙂 I try to do kind things every day!! My favorite is to pay for the coffee for the person behind me at starbucks. I still haven't tried the kombucha – too nervous!

  11. I love the Vega products. I am pretty loyal to them actually so I haven't even tried sun warrier yet. From what I hear from people that use it they abs. love it,.

  12. i think you did a great job with your kindness list for the week! lots of variety in your choices. i love when you can do random kindnesses – like your avacado conversation in the grocery store.
    i started january 1st – noting a “nice thing” that i do for someone else, and also making note of nice things that happen to me!
    have a great sunday, lisa!

  13. love the old school desk- that is really cool! I think your list of kind things for the week is a good one. Sometimes it's just the little things like those that can really add up and make a difference for someone else. Today I cleaned the first floor of the house, maybe tomorrow I'll do the 2nd floor. 🙂 From my elementary school days I remember having a little pouch thing to carry all my pens, pencils, markers, etc.

  14. I don't enjoy the feeling of the goobers passing over my lips…gives me the

    creeps! But I know they're harmless 🙂

    I think you'll love Sun Warrior—so yummy and smooth!

  15. Hi Nellie,

    The jeans are a brand called Joe's Jeans. I've had them for about 6 years(!)

    so I don't know if they still have the same style, but I know they are more

    of a boy cut. They are my fave jeans ever!

    My SCOBY was fine for 3 or 4 months, and then I neglected it for about 5

    days (I have no idea why), and when I looked at it after that it smelled

    funny and had fuzzy bluish mold growing on it. It was really disgusting!

    Good luck with yours—I don't think mold is common. I just messed things


  16. omg that desk equals sore butt! Hahaha! Worst desk ever for sure!

    Love sunwarrior! Love the pic of you with the protein powders, too cute!

    I really just love to be kind to everyone I am surrounded by each day, I am a bubbly girl with a big heart, and love people !

    Have a great night girl!!!

  17. Good to know I am ok with the candy ;). Hmmmmm, elementary school…. I remember jamming my finger on a wall playing wall-ball and having really hairy legs… random.

  18. I probably like Vega just a tad better than Sun Warrior. I'm not a fan of the price of either one, though!
    Actually, my favorite is probably Garden of Life's RAW Protein. Have you tried it? It's a little chalky, but overall quite good.

  19. That desk looks exactly like the ones we had to use in Greek school! Ugh…horrible memories! Your top is so cute in that pic! I try to do kind things everyday. Today, I made my boyfriend some food. My elementary school days were great. I was the biggest tomboy, and I loved playing sports with the boys.

  20. I've never had Garden of Life RAW protein, but I've had my eye on it! Good

    to know you like it—when I replenish my stash, I'll check it out. Thanks


  21. I like giving my modifications and new creations totally unique names. Then I get excited when I make them, like its a special occasion!

  22. I think that's a funny thing about Raw cuisine – all the dishes are called “lasagna” or “pizza” but they taste nothing like the original! I always tell people when trying vegan cheeses that they have to appreciate them for what they are and not expect them to taste like dairy cheese.

  23. Haha, I do that too—I made cheese out of nuts, and it wasn't cheese at all

    but it was yummy in its own right! Calling it cheese just makes people not

    give it a chance after the first bite!

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