I’m calling Kirby

Joe and I have a code word for calling a “do-over” that is used when we’re in a conversation that one of us wants to get out of.  You know when you’re discussing something and it starts to become about being right instead of about the actual topic at hand? Or when you don’t mean to be, but you start being a little bossy?  When that happens with us, one of us just says, Kirby …which is the name of the pet donkey that Joe used to have… and the conversation stops for a few seconds. In that few seconds, we get to individually re-group and initiate a do-over, or at least change the direction of the conversation. I sort of feel like that’s what my last post was all about—it was me calling Kirby on myself.

Why? I don’t completely know—but I have had a lot of questioning moments in the last few months, some personal and some professional.  I’m in the midst of changing professions gradually, which is a great way to do it, but also kind of keeps my hands/brain in different places which can be kind of confusing. I also would prefer to have the blog be more two-way, but that’s not so much the nature of blogs outside of the few comments the posts get.

The other part has to do with me being an expert in wellness. I do happen to know I’m an expert (after all, if having a Ph.D. in health is not being an expert, I’m not sure what would be), but I struggle with not overachieving in the role as a student. I keep getting these big ideas about what training I could go to next…and then I realize I don’t need to go because, among other reasons, I could teach the trainings I’m signing up for. I must be exuding this student vibe too, because the people in my life who could come to me for help (for free or depending on what it is, for a friend discount rate) keep choosing to pay premium amounts to talk to other experts.

So I’m calling Kirby on myself. I want to take a few steps back from every conversation or thought I have had lately that did not place value on my expertise. I realize I will always be a student in some capacities, and I am always excited about learning new things in life and in wellness. However, I’m also owning up to my role as an expert in fitness, health, wellness, nutrition, mind-body techniques, and the methodology of narrative inquiry.

I also want to tell you about my weekend in NYC, so if I quit blogging, you won’t get to read about my encounter with Sarma and Leon!

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