Synchronistic Spaghetti Squash

I randomly had spaghetti squash for dinner with pesto on it on Sunday night (because my plans changed for the weekend and I was being a hermit, so I didn’t want to leave and go to the grocery store to find something to eat). This dish was really funky looking, but quite delicious. Unfortunately, I had no one to share it with since Joe was out of town for work, and my mom turned 60 on Saturday and was celebrating at Kripalu with lots of massages. No one else I know would either (a) not have plans for dinner on a Sunday or (b) want spaghetti squash.

It was pretty ugly once I mixed it together...but hey, ugly food can be delicious too.

At one point I thought I should have called my grandparents (but then I would have had to leave the apartment and drive to Penn Yan). And I also figured they wouldn’t like it just based on how it looked. They’re 87, and they don’t like weird food.  One time my mom made them spinach lentil soup when they were forced to stay with us during a power outage at their house.  She then overheard them talking.

Gma: What did you think about that soup?

Gpa: It was weird.

Gma: Yeah. I didn’t like it.

Their loss. My mom’s spinach lentil soup is awesome. I had it last Tuesday night.  We rode to Penn Yan together to go to calling hours for an old friend who died of brain cancer, and on the way back I stayed for a while at her house. We keep making this pact to spend more time together, and then usually we don’t, but it’s not because we don’t want to.

Related: I am feeling pretty lucky right now—I just got an offer to teach Nutrition classes at FLCC in the spring without applying for it.  So it’s setting me up perfectly to move to Canandaigua in the summer like I was planning to do anyway (and by default I should see my mom more—she lives there and she works at FLCC). Is that coincidence? Serendipity? Synchronicity?  Whatever it is, I like it!

7 thoughts on “Synchronistic Spaghetti Squash”

  1. I would have eaten it with you, but I was at the SU game eating salty popcorn and drinking bad wine out of a dixie cup.

    I also would like a specific date of your move to C'daigua because that means more “playdates” with the kids AND tequila at Rio Tomatlan AND wine classes at NYWCC!

  2. Popcorn and wine sounds pretty good too…
    My lease is up in August, so I'll probably move then unless I find someplace earlier in the summer. I wish I had more patience, but I don't, so I'll probably start looking in March!
    Being in The Daigua (as mom and matthew have named it) will be convenient for so many reasons—two that are very high on the list are more playdates and NYWCC! I only went to rio tomatlan once, and it was a very strange experience, but I won't write it off yet. There's no where to eat in CA (except wegmans)!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I found your blog last week when you made SunButter cups. (As a SunButter blogger, loved your review that they kick a certain other candy's uh, well, you know.) I've kept following because I appreciate your perspective, and this post prompted me to comment: good lookin' dinner (I have an abundance of basil pesto thanks to a good growing season in my herb garden) that I can't wait to try. Thanks for another great post!

  4. Thanks, New Friend. The sunbutter cups really were amazing!
    I was also surprised at how great the spaghetti squash/pesto combo was—but I suppose it makes sense. Spaghetti squash goes really well with a lot of things, and pesto is just awesome in and of itself!
    Thanks for the comment,

  5. I'll second LisaBona's request for specifics on the move! Looking forward to having you closer… and you can come to Geneva and eat roasted beet salads at Red Dove.

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