Regroup: Eat a Vegetable!

I didn’t overeat yesterday, but I certainly ate less than my share of vegetables and greens, and way more carbs and sugar than I normally do. Today, Black Friday, we have a choice—do we continue to stuff ourselves with leftovers, or do we regroup and go back to normal?

Interestingly, the US average weight gain for the entire holiday season (pre-turkey to post-new year) is only .48lbs, and this is not statistically significant. In other words, we gain weight no more at this time of year than we do at any other. Yes, puffiness, water, and food retention can cause the numbers on the scale to spike temporarily, but actual fat gain?  Not really.

Since we know that, can we just pick up where we left off before the holiday?  One of the best ways to do it is to just eat some veggies and break the cycle of mowing down the turkey and pie (which are not bad to have in moderation—but if you were not moderate yesterday, make up for it by being moderate today).

That’s it—maybe it’s easier said than done. But maybe not.

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