What is better than a peanut butter cup?

A Dark Chocolate Sunbutter Cup (high in B12)!!!!

This was made out of melted organic dark chocolate chips (outside), and sunbutter, nutritional yeast, agave (just a smidge), and a dash of salt (inside). I refrigerated them, and should have let them warm up just a little before cutting—it would have yielded a prettier and less broken picture. But broken or not, this kicks Reece’s butt.

6 thoughts on “What is better than a peanut butter cup?”

  1. And it's allergy friendly! (Depending on the chocolate you used…I think it's free of the top 10 allergens! WOOT!

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  3. You made these? Wow! We really should open “something”…”Lisa B's Candy Bar” or “Green Juice & Candy…the only bar you need?” Doesn't have much of a ring to it. Gotta give it some thought. LOL

    The other Lisa B

  4. I wish I had made them a little prettier, but I was impatient. I like the idea of using the healthy junk food and pairing it with juice or smoothies! We'll have to discuss our ideas during the next playdate 🙂

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