Daytime PJ’s are the new Business Casual!

Sometimes I think I want something different than what I have, and then I have to remind myself that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. As my mom would say, it’s just different grass.

But sometimes different grass is better or more desirable!

My mom and I used to joke about my wardrobe when I was a personal trainer. She called my attire “daytime pajamas.” She was right—I was always comfy, and depending on my style sense on any given day, I could look put together and even professional…or I could look like I just rolled out of bed.

During those days, I often thought I wanted a “Real Job” (no offense to personal trainers—it is a real job, but that was just the term I was using for wanting health insurance and benefits and a steady paycheck).

Eventually, I did get a real job, and I went shopping, and I stopped wearing daytime pajamas so often. Weirdly, I’ve had two jobs that provided my “uniform” (the federal government and a wellness coaching company)—-not pretty. Not even really professional-looking, just gym teacher-y. It was easy and low maintenance (Iron? What’s that?). There were pros and cons to every work wardrobe.

Now I have a blend—some teacher clothes, some high heels (the higher the better—then I don’t have to shorten my pants), some daytime pajamas (today), and some in-between (what is a wellness coach supposed to wear? I fluctuate).

What’s my point?

I don’t know—it just made me think about how daytime pajamas can be just as expensive as business clothes. Jeans are usually the most expensive item in my closet, but I can’t wear them to teach in. I could spend a lot more money than I do on shoes—I stopped wearing brown when I go out after summer because I don’t have a pair of brown boots right now (and Kyle’s not close enough to borrow). I also have the same workout tops that I’ve worn for the last several years—some of them need to go.

Is it a parallel to everything in life?

We get to pick and choose what we eat, what workouts we do, how we manage (or don’t manage) our stress, whether we treat one health issue homeopathically and another with synthetic drugs…we somehow established our patterns, and then we just go with the flow (which also has its pros and cons).

There are so many choices—I think my goal for this week is to come off autopilot for a bit and try to make my choices consciously instead of just based on my prior patterns. What could you choose more consciously?

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