Are you between a 2 and a 5?

Think of a 1-10 scale, with 1 being representative of super-hungry-almost-starving, and 10 being more-than-Thanksgiving-full. On this scale, 5 would represent being pleasantly satisfied and 2 would stand for feeling hungry.

Could you use this scale to help you decide when to eat and when to stop eating (and when not to eat)?

I have a little trouble with it—When I’m at a 2, I take a few bites and feel like I’m at a 5….but if I stop eating then, I’ll be back to a 2 in 10 minutes.  huh?

It’s not perfect, but if you are having trouble moderating your intake or deciding when to eat, try using the scale, always staying between 2 and 5.

This (brown rice crackers and cashew cheese) took me from a 2 to a 5...
...But a few minutes later, I was back at a 2, so I ate this (well, not all of it)

In order to try and not pass 5 (mindlessly), it takes focus on slowing down. Without having a goal of stopping at a 5, I would usually eat about half of this contents of this container before I decided I overdid it. Knowing I wanted to stay under a 6 caused me to slow down and actually check in with how I felt.  What a concept! I’m going to keep trying it and see how it goes.  Would you try it too?

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