PB&J Smoothie…But Hold the PB&J!

Along with my passion for ice cream, my vita-mix, and more recently, for brewing kombucha…I am equally enamored with Sun Butter.  I stay away from peanut butter due to the high mold content (aflatoxins—cancer causing mold in peanuts), and Sun(flower seed) Butter is the closest-tasting nut/seed butter to peanut butter.  That said, my eye is constantly on Wild Jungle Peanut Butter online, which is made from heirloom peanuts said to be lower in mold. I’m just working up to justifying the expense. I bought jungle peanuts once—they’re so pretty with their tiger stripes (if you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and attractive unique products).

This week, I am not going grocery shopping (aside from buying water) because Joe is gone all week for work, and I’m leaving before he gets back to go to the Mind Body Institute in DC. So I’m trying to use what I have—and this means my smoothies are likely to be weird for the rest of the week. I am always tempted to be creative (and considered putting figs and avocado together yesterday), but I’m glad I resisted and kept it simple.

Figs---way better like this than their processed fig newton counterparts, so if that's your only experience with figs you're missing out!
Un-PB&J Smoothie: 4 figs, huge scoop of sun butter, 1 cup water, optional: 1/2 scoop sun warrior protein powder, 1 tbsp maca, 1 tbsp lucuma, 1 tbsp yacon. 1/2 tsp guar gum. Blend till smooth. Add 8 ice cubes or more. I ate this with a spoon, but it was more straw drinkable.

Why figs instead of jelly? Figs are high in fiber and iron, not to mention various other vitamins and minerals. The smoothie was a pale purple color with flecks of dark purple—it’s as delicious as it looks!

97 thoughts on “PB&J Smoothie…But Hold the PB&J!”

  1. Great! Now I have to decide between this smoothie and the squash smoothie for tomorrow's breakfast. I have both on hand…decisions, decisions!

  2. Ohhhh, that's a tough one! They're both so good. A side note….the pb&j smoothie would probably even be more fantastic if you added banana! Let me know which one you pick and how you like it!

  3. Squash smoothie this morning and it was fantastic! A little on the thick side (more the consistancy of baby food) but still drinkable. Luke especially enjoyed it!

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