North of the Border — A Rawlicious Toronto Lunch!

Petra and I set out for Toronto yesterday morning. We were making the 3 hour drive on an expedition to visit two (of three) raw restaurants in that area.

11am: At Rawlicious for Living Foods...and we were an hour early for lunch!
We stood there for a moment, and read everything in sight about the restaurant (and maybe peered in the windows)
How could you not want to eat at this place?!?!
We went for a walk to kill an hour, and saw many places of interest: first, beet (it's a restaurant!)
The Sweet Potato, a health food store. I loved this store---totally wish it was in my neighborhood. We tried to do comparison pricing on a few of our favorite things, but without being an expert in the exchange rate we didn't come to many conclusions.
We also used the restroom at the Sweet Potato---I totally support the sentiment behind this sign!
Back at Rawlicious--we both had juice
Nachos - the chips
The dips - salsa, guac, and sour cream (cashew-based). This was FABULOUS!
A Built Nacho - we discussed how much work it was to construct these nachos, and agreed that this made them better and also made us slow down and really enjoy the food.
Zucchini Pasta with Basil Pesto and "Neat" Balls. YUM!
The Pizza - warmed in the dehydrator. This was so amazing, Petra and I are still talking about it!
The brownie with vanilla icing that we forgot to take a picture of...but that we both adored maybe a little too much!
The back patio at the Live Bar (our second raw food stop for the day).
Unfortunately, we were still both too full to eat anything, but we did have a smoothie and relax for a little while before we headed back to Rochester. My smoothie (right) was almond milk, banana, apple, gojis, maca. Petra's (left) was almond milk cacao nibs, agave. Mine was really sweet (which is not that good for me) but the gojis added a fab taste and pretty orange color.

At 5pm, we hit the road for home…and at 10:30, after being stuck for a few hours at the border, we got home. ┬áThe drive was worth it. The food was awesome. Ikea (which is where we went during our 3-hour intermission between Rawlicious and Live Bar) was interesting and fun too! Petra was less patient with our stuck-ness at the border than I was, but she also has a lot harder time sitting still than I do!

My conclusion: I’ll go back!

How far would you drive for a restaurant?

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