How Much Water Do You Drink? …And Other Random Thoughts

This will last me 4 days. It's not quite my goal, but it's the best I can do! (p.s. these are my two favorite kinds---I would prefer glass bottles, but since Voss went to plastic, I'm temporarily resigned)
My friend Karen was out of town this weekend, so she asked me if I wanted to pick up her CSA share (thanks Karen!). I also shared it with friends, but Joe and I had to figure out what to do with all the veg...
Joe wanted to make Frogmore Stew because he saw the recipe in the Bible...oops, I mean, he saw it in Runner's World magazine. It was very healthy (we omitted the butter), and he used turkey sausage but both of us thought it tasted like rubber bands and threw that part out. The leftovers were even better!
How do you know (a) you are working out too much, or (b) you need to do laundry? ...You start wearing gym clothes in public that don't match! I'm on the laundry tomorrow for sure....which reminds me...
...I tried the Planet laundry detergent. I like it---but I am going to do an update test tomorrow and throw 7 days worth of sweaty gym clothes in together!
Based on my last post, I hope you have no worries...or are at least working on it! The bowl is my one souvenir from Disney---a hand painted animal bowl from Zimbabwe. It's the closest I'll get to a knick knack! I swear it makes my protein ice cream taste even better....

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