Veggie Week

Ultimately, it didn’t turn out to be that difficult to eat healthy foods at Disney. I think this is mostly because I was with my Mom, and she really is the most rational person I’ve ever known when it comes to food. Based on her understanding at any given time, she just does what’s healthy. I wish I had that instinct!  But I think for most of us, it is just a journey to become more healthy—an evolution that will be ongoing throughout our lives as we learn more, try more things, and have differing levels of emotional relationships to food.

I’ve been reading a lot about hormones and food and cravings, and there is so much there—all I can really say now is that we really shouldn’t beat ourselves up for our bad habits because they become so easily ingrained and the chemical reactions in our guts and brains based on what we eat have a much bigger say in our decisions than our willpower or rational thought.

This can be good (we can be nicer to ourselves about our decisions) and also bad (it seems harder to change something chemical).

I believe that taking the perspective of just focusing on whatever moment we’re in (having taken the pre-steps to have healthy options available), we need to get so much more in touch with our bodies, how we feel, and what we need to eat right now. It’s a holiday weekend—and many people associate this with eating a lot of summery picnic-y foods. It’s ok to do this, but before you just indulge in everything you see because you know that in general you like it, take a few moments to check in with yourself.  What do you want to eat today? How will it feel in your mouth? Eat exactly what you want with no guilt. Take your time, and enjoy every single bite. You have my permission!

On another note, I had a conversation with Petra today about food choices. We went to the Public Market and then went on a walk.  We discussed our July Challenge (I’ll tell you about it later), and we talked about food (because we always do). Since I spent the last week eating at a theme park, and even though I didn’t do so badly while I was there it still was not what I normally eat, I decided to make the upcoming week Veggie Week. I need more veggies!  I also need more yoga (that crinkle in my neck and the stiffness in my back are starting to weigh on me).

So when I got home from vacation last year, I couldn’t stop eating junk!  I had indulged in everything while I was in Mexico last April, and also had some crazy health issues come up. Due to being in the mode of overdoing it and also being really stressed out, I kept pigging out for a few days.  This time?  This time I came home and immediately ate veggies! This is what I call progress!  I feel better and I am happier with my decision.

Cooked veggies are sometimes more satisfying to me when I’m in the eating mode—so I went with that for the last day or so.

Organic Swiss Chard and Mushrooms with kelp, dulse, turmeric, and Herbamere
The seasonings I'm into lately---Sea Veggies, Turmeric and Herbamere!

What is your healthy go-to comfort food?

What are your plans for the 4th???

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