I’ve been slightly absent (minded and otherwise) lately. First, due to vacation, second due to health issues I’m trying to fix (for real this time)…and third, because I’m totally changing my life!

Well, not totally. But…significantly.

My friends may tell you I’ve been absent for more than a few days—I had this goal of paying off my student loans in 2010, and I was a little overly ambitious about this. I am really happy to have chopped the $30K down to nothing a couple months ago.  However, to do so, I was teaching online for two universities (total=7 classes at a time), and working 44 hours a week doing wellness coaching. This left me hardly any time for anything else. I did keep going to the gym and doing yoga as much as I could (but I lacked there too). I also made sure to see my nephew as much as possible (once a month, usually). My mom, dad, and my friends didn’t really make the list, but they understood and were supportive.

The good news is that I don’t have that problem after August. The bad news is I won’t be wellness coaching corporately anymore. This is actually bad and good news. I’ll miss all of the new friends I’ve made because I know that not everyone will stay in touch with me, but this is a good move for me overall.

My last day is going to be near the end of August, and my first day teaching 2 in-person classes locally is Sept 7. The great thing is that I’ll be teaching Mon, Wed, Fri (plus online, which turns out to be everyday but can be done at all hours). I’ll still be wellness coaching privately (I have 3 clients waiting in the wings), and I have some new tricks up my sleeve too.

I just wanted to keep you updated in case you’re wondering.  And because I hate keeping secrets like this. I think I’m also letting the cat out of the bag on this one, but I guess the worst thing my current bosses can do to me is fire me!

I do have some wellness things to say, but I also have a ton of work to do right now so I’ll be back soon.  I guess the message for this post is that (1) you can do anything for a while and (2) change is good, especially when it’s creating a better work-life balance! Thanks for sticking with me through this transition part—I’m not kidding when I say that I’m a little over scheduled right now. I got up at 4:30 to grade labs, and I am scheduled straight through till 9pm. But I’ll be back very soon with some changes to the blog that will match the changes in my life!

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