Chocolate Milkshake….for Breakfast

Yesterday for breakfast, I had this:

Super easy, Shake and Go Smoothie by Vega...delicious? It's ok.
Sometimes products like this seem expensive, but if you bought all the stuff to make it yourself, it would cost 10 times as much! Super nutrition, super fast and easy. Works well for me when I'm stressed...or late (yesterday)

The day before, I had this:

Another Vega product...The Whole Food Vibrancy Bar. Full of things like chia, buckwheat, green superfoods....again, easy fast and a good choice for days when I'm rushing (late!)

Today? Totally in the mood for a chocolate milkshake (ingredients: cacao powder, vegan protein powder, stevia, vanilla extract, ice):

The dry ingredients
Blended....way too much for breakfast. Should I save it in the fridge?
Yes, I drank it out of the blender container (What? I was home alone and saving water and avoiding another dirty dish), with my glass Dharma straw (another attempt at saving the earth by not using plastic straws!)

I drank half of this and dumped the rest—so I guess that was pretty wasteful. I know I won’t drink it later though, and if it sits in the fridge the blender container will be harder to clean later.

What did you have for breakfast today?  What is your ideal breakfast?

Some people thrive on complex carbs for breakfast, and other people do better with protein.  What about you?

231 thoughts on “Chocolate Milkshake….for Breakfast”

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