Something to Look Forward To (and DO)!

I’m lookin’ for something to look forward to.

Why? Who knows?  I’m already scheduled to go to Disney in June (and yes, I know, I watched the movie where the people in 3rd world countries were making the Disney t-shirts and could have fed their families for weeks on what one shirt sells for. I justify this Disney extravaganza in many ways — plus, think of all the people in Orlando who have jobs because of Disney!  p.s. I don’t buy the t-shirts). I also have a good friend coming to visit in June, Joe and I might take a quick trip to Boston, and I’m fully planning on another long weekend trip to LA to visit my cousin in her new beach-within-walking-distance apartment!

I think what I’m really looking for is to cross some milestones professionally, but right now I just have to keep going with the flow in all of my jobs as there are no current milestones to reach (and I can’t add more to my plate). This is the first time I’ve ever not been in school or working on some big project/accomplishment. I have an “achiever” personality, and this leads me to always look for the next thing to get/be/have/do. Sometimes I really need to relax on that (like now), but it’s spurring me to set a few wellness goals. So, that’s definitely a positive thing, and if you know me, you will not be surprised at that!

Are you looking for some satisfaction?  Need something to achieve?  Set yourself up with some wellness goals and get going on a fun challenge!

Mine are:

This Weekend: Juice Feast Fri-Sun (maybe Mon, Joe might join in on Sun and do Sun-Mon, and if he does I’ll keep it going because a group effort is always more fun!)

Next week: 15 servings of fruit and veggies a day (including juice and smoothies—otherwise I’d be chewing all day!)

May: I’m participating in the Spark Wellness Cleanse and Happy Herbivore’s 30-Day No Processed Foods Challenge

What can your spring challenges be? Can you get excited about something new to try and jump in!?

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