Spring Cleaning!

I think this weekend will be a great time to clean up—I want to clean my car, the pantry, my closet…….the kitchen cupboards, my desk, my computer files, the coat closet, the bathroom…under my bed, the spare bedroom closet, the fridge…

I never said moderation was my strong point, did I?

I’ll admit I spent $38 today at Lori’s (which may be a record because, as I mentioned before, I don’t think I’ve ever spent less than $40 in there), but I didn’t buy anything impulsively that seems like a waste now, and I’m just going to hold myself to not spending more than the balance of $65 before Monday (see, I’m adjusting my plan to be more realistic and flexible so I can still reach my goal of saving money this month!).

I also planted oodles of microgreens last night in my kitchen.  I hope my black thumb is turning green–I didn’t exactly follow the directions (why?  I don’t know, it just wasn’t convenient, and I was rushing so I could have time to grade papers and not be up all night). I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out—the seeds seem to be germinating nicely so far.

If you can’t tell, I’m a little scattered this week—I have no fun food pics because I’m on a budget, but stay tuned for some really awesome healthy brownies that I know will be good because Wendy already tried them and told me!

I may not clean everything I aim to clean this weekend. But I’m going to drink lots of wheatgrass juice and try to stay motivated (plus, it will be my first home-grown-non-moldy batch of grass!).

What are you doing this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning!”

  1. Over the weekend I bought a new food processor, re-established my relationship with my blender, and made a decision to start making better decisions on what I put into my body. 2.5 hours (and far more than I’ve ever spent on produce thanks to their refusal to discount anything organic or healthly or basically not pop or chicken fingers or spaghetti-o’s) at Wegman’s later, I had my first smoothie that had GREEN VEGGIES in it. For the record, my first one came out pink. This morning – green/brown. But equally awesome. I am color-blind when it comes to this.

    I’m hooked and I’m in love (just ask Kristina about my 39457 texts) and I owe a lot of my motivation to switching things up to you guys. Two days later (which I’m sure is mostly psychological, but I don’t care), I never realized how badly my stomach was feeling until I realize how much better it already feels now.

    I’m high on (organic!) produce and I’m loving it! Get this girl some wheatgrass. 😉 THANK YOU THRIVE-STYLE!

  2. Loving your enthusiasm Jess and I thoroughly enjoy the zillion BBM’s daily! Let me know when you’re free and we’ll have a wheatgrass date!

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