Quickie Cookies

I wanted to make something yesterday, but I didn’t know what.  Nothing food-wise sounded fun or good, so I looked at what I had and made something up.

These cookies (the dough anyway) tastes really good, and they’re very simple.

In the food processor, I added:

1/3 cup coconut creme (note: Artisana calls this coconut butter–it’s different than coconut oil because it has all the coconut flesh parts blended together, not just the oil)

2 cups raw soaked cashews

1 cup coconut (shredded, unprocessed)

1/2 cup golden raisins (you could use purple ones, but it would change the color of the cookies)

1 clementine (peeled)

Process first 4 ingredients until crumbly, and then add clementine (you could use half a regular orange instead). Once it turns into a dough-like texture, put it in a cookie press or just use a spoon to form into whatever shape cookies you want.  You can dehydrate them on 110 for a day or put in the oven on the lowest temp until they reach the texture you want.  Mine have been in the dehydrator for about 15 hours, and they’re a little chewy.  I’d describe them as having a chewyish-shortbread flavor.

The best thing about them is that there is NO flour and NO sugar.  They have coconut, which is high in medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) that give you energy and are not stored as fat. They also have vitamin C from the orange and protein and minerals from the cashews.  These are Quickie Cookies because they are easy to make and give you quick and healthy energy!  When I make them again, I’ll probably add a little orange zest or orange oil.


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