Hummus Lunch

I made this for lunch yesterday, and Joe told me that it was the best thing I’ve ever made. ┬áSeriously, I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not, but it was really good and super healthy!

Here’s what I did:

Spread hummus into a pie dish (you could use whatever dish you wanted to—I just used this because it looked like the right size for the amount of hummus I had left).

Dice tomatoes (without including the seeds), cucumbers (likewise, no seeds), olives (I used kalamata, but black would also be good), raw pressed goat cheese (my favorite food in the whole wide world right now).


Sprinkle it all on top of the hummus, and use chips that you made from tearing sprouted grain tortillas into pieces and toasting in the oven for a few minutes.


13 thoughts on “Hummus Lunch”

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I used Sabra hummus—it is really good, although I’m sure homemade would be ideal ­čÖé
    I have a friend who makes hummus and I think she even puts hemp protein in it—so maybe I’ll explore that soon! Hummus can be used for lots of good snacks.

  2. I tried this last nite – I have NO idea why it should taste sooo good — but it does. I added some avocado to it too – YUM!

  3. I’ve made a batch of my hummus and will be taking it to a little shin-dig tomorrow, and plan on putting it together like this Lisa! Now I’m going to add avocado too… I hadn’t thought of that! This is going to be delicious!

  4. Lisa, I’d love to share it with your readers. I can rewrite so it’s more appropriate for Thrive-Style, or I can just repost the entire piece- let me know your preference!

  5. Just bleep the swear words out, and it will be perfect for T-S.
    p.s. I made more hummus last night, and forgot the garlic but it is still awesome. I can’t wait to make it my Hummus Dinner tonight!

  6. I definitely go heavy on the garlic! In the batch I made last week I didn’t have the scallions; thinking I might actually prefer it that way! I’ll get everything ready and post to T-S. tomorrow. (Tonight’s dinner is miso soup for me!)

  7. Lisa, looks great with the cheese and tomatoes. Just got my FP and made garlic hummus right away. Didn’t last too long…I’ll make more and try your recipe.

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  10. The dish is delicious.I tried it and my kids love it.I want to thank you for this Informative and interesting blog.

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