Fresh Cut Juice?

I bought a new juicer that is good for juicing wheatgrass (another hash mark in the kitchen-gadget-addiction category!).

Yes, wheatgrass is green grass, grown from wheatberries…and once you juice it, you drink it!

No, it is not delicious.

It is beautiful (In my opinion), and it does taste like, well, juiced grass.

Why would I drink this? It is a major super duper superfood!  Drinking wheatgrass juice is like drinking energy straight from the sun.  It’s high in many many essential nutrients, and in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is considered “the blood of plants,” and it closely mimics the hemoglobin in our blood.  This means, if you drink it, your hemoglobin concentration goes up and your blood is more efficient at transporting oxygen throughout your body. Higher oxygen delivery leads to a whole host of awesome benefits for you.

Rather than just copying and pasting the info here, I hope you’ll go read it on the Hippocrates Institute website. Some of the benefits of wheatgrass juice  are found here.

Even if you’re healthy, I bet you’ll find something on that list you that would benefit you!

In Rochester, the only place I know of to buy Wheatgrass shots is at Breathe Yoga and Juice Bar in Pittsford.  I plan on growing wheatgrass as soon as I can figure out the easiest, non-messiest way to do it in my apartment. Yesterday, Joe stopped at Lori’s Natural Foods for me and bought some wheatgrass to juice.  I mowed it and juiced it…then watered the remains and I swear it had already started growing again before I left the house this morning!


I’m not suggesting you should go out and buy a wheatgrass juicer and start growing your own (but that would be awesome!).  But I do think wheatgrass is worth knowing about!  Maybe my next demo at Rotork will be a Wheatgrass juice taste test!

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