“F” for Wheatgrass

I’ve been trying to grow wheatgrass. It’s conceptually extremely easy! Plus, I’ve been cheating by using the patches I’ve bought from Lori’s and then just re-growing the grass.  I will grow it from scratch eventually, but I have to buy dirt and trays and figure out how to make it work.  You can only re-grow the same grass once, so my plan was to mow it, juice it, re-grow it, and then compost it. No such luck.  I re-grew several patches, and when they were ready to re-mow….I noticed they were all moldy.  I thought I watered it too much, so I watered the next batches less.  They still got moldy.

So, so far, I’ve failed Wheatgrass 101.  But I still plan to figure it out. In the meantime, Lori’s is selling out of wheatgrass almost daily.


I also need to work on my juicing skills so I end up consuming more of the juice that I have been spilling on the counter.


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