Acai Coconut Almond Smoothie

Today’s smoothie features a powerful antioxidant, omega fat and amino acid source—acai.  You pronounce this “ah-sigh–ee” and it is a very trendy superfood lately.  You may have seen/heard commercials for cleanse and detox programs featuring the acai berry.  It’s good for you, but like everything else, it’s not magic!  In fact, a lot of those cleanse programs get you hooked by having you “subscribe” to the system—they charge you $89 a month and keep sending you more pills!

I buy acai in the form of frozen packets, by Sambozan. Acai is an amazing food, as it provides you with essential nutrients, and has a great balance of vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat, and protein.  In one food you can get the diverse benefits (without the toxins) that we often look for in red wine and olive oil.  It actually has more benefit than red wine and olive oil—so it feels like a no-brainer to me!

Here’s today’s smoothie recipe:

1/5 cups coconut milk
1 packet acai
1/4 cup raw almonds
1-2 Tbsp agave
You could also add some superfoods—I added 1 Tbsp Maca and 1 Tbsp Lucuma

The pictures of the smoothies aren’t so exciting, but just to prove I actually made it….


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