Why Wait?

For some reason, maybe it’s the time of year (and lack of sunlight?), many people are talking to me about not having very much (or any) motivation or energy. Procrastination is a big enough problem for a lot of people even at normal motivation levels! 

I think much of it has to do with the time of year, especially in the Northeast. It’s dark for much of the day, and it’s really cold outside.  I’m not exempt from this low energy dilemma—and in general, I have a tough time making myself do certain things (making appointments, mailing things, stopping at the bank…). A couple days ago, I noticed I was really low on gas in my car. I kept putting off stopping to fill up, until this morning when it was blizzard-like conditions, horrible driving….and there are essentially no gas stations between my home and work.  I went the non-highway route, because I had no more choice in the matter—I had to stop and fill up my tank, especially after having gone to the gym (and thinking I was going to fill up after that, but the gas stations weren’t open yet).

Runnin' on Empty
Runnin' on Empty

I was sitting at the light at the intersection of Clover and Jefferson, with my gas guage staring back at me—taunting that I really may not make it to the gas station. It was beginning to stress me out (and at the same time, I had a little of the “it won’t happen to me” feeling). Traffic was slow all the way down Jefferson, but I finally stopped at a gas station.

If I had just filled up a few days ago, I would have avoided having to do it in a blizzard, and I wouldn’t have had to stress about it.  Did I learn my lesson?  Maybe.  For a while, at least.

It makes me look at my to-do list and just pick some things to do and cross off.  Why wait?  Most of it is easy, and it feels great to cross things off the list.  What about you?  What things do you put off for no real reason?  What makes you finally bite the bullet and do what you need to do?

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