Pay It Forward

It’s a good time, and today’s as of a good a day as any, to do something a little extra for someone who doesn’t expect it—-or someone who doesn’t even know you.

One of the people I speak with at work has been keeping me updated on the cancer and chemo treatments of her 19 year-old daughter.  Her daughter has a rare type of cancer, and the only person they’ve found and befriended with the same type is a 15 year-old who just found out after 2 years that she will not be given anymore chemo treatments and is expected to live only 6 more months.

I’m not trying to be depressing, although I know it is sad to read about things like this.  I just want to share that people like this mother, who have not asked for anything or any help, are struggling to make Christmas a happy time this year. I won’t go into details, but I’ll tell you it makes me cry to hear of her heartache—and we usually cry together, in the middle of the office because she can’t take extra time off work to take care of her daughter.

Tonight at Lovin Cup there is a fundraiser for Teens with Cancer.  This woman’s daughter will be there—and I really want to meet her.  I wish I could help her mother in a way besides listening, but I can’t.  I know there are a lot of families who will be sad this Christmas, and a lot of mothers who are trying to pull together something happy for their families when they are drowning in difficult emotions on top of paperwork, co-pays, multiple doctors at multiple hospitals….you get the picture. 

The experiences I have had have helped me learn how much of a difference it can make to a family if you anonymously help them or outwardly show support.  It doesn’t have to be through giving money—and it’s not about presents.  Last year, I sent a box full of stuff to military members in Iraq (they really wanted razors, swedish fish, and magazines!).  This year, I think I’ll try and help support something local, like the Teens with Cancer organization. I’d love to hear what other people think of to do that could be helpful in some small way.

3 thoughts on “Pay It Forward”

  1. Any kindness to anyone ripples into the Universe… we need to remember that every single person we encounter is fighting a battle, if not a war. I agree – pay it forward …. with gratitude and love.

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