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Several months ago, I went to a yoga class where the theme was “CSI Yoga.” The whole point of the class was to discover what body parts, joints, and muscles were tight and/or had other challenges.  We slowly made our way through the body, putting ourselves in different poses and testing things out. The instructor …

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Willpower and the ‘Slacker’ Brain

A new friend at RIT shared this very interesting story with me the other day.  I highly recommend listening to the recording describing this study that looked into why we make certain food choices. “The brain is anatomically organized into different systems…..  You have a rational deliberative system which is sort of more to …

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Did you ever have a Chia Pet? My bro-in-law (before he was my bro-in-law) gave one to me for Christmas one year. It was a weird concept—spread seed goo over a ceramic animal (not sure what kind of animal), and then let it sprout and grow. Result: pointless, weird-looking, primarily non-functional clutter–sort of a plant! …

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