It’s Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Friday!

If you have not watched the Food Revolution series, please add it to your queue!  This should accompany Food, Inc., King Corn, and if you want to see some really crazy graphic (horrifying) stuff, Earthlings. I watched the trailer for Earthlings and that was enough for me!

Anyway, Food Revolution is both eye opening and interesting. Joe and I are still wondering how we’ll find out if the elementary school gets rid of that awful chocolate milk!!! Possibly we can email Alice?

Jamie Oliver (@Jamie_Oliver) tweeted the other day that on Friday, he would post a recipe and ingredient list, and he hoped people would make the recipe over the weekend and report back to him on how it goes.

UPDATE: Here’s his Tweet:

EZY OMELET 2-3 eggs pref free-range/organic,sea salt,frsh ground black peppr,pat of butter,handfl gratd Chedd cheese

I’m in!  Kyle and I are going to make the recipe on Sunday night, and we’ll post pics and a review after that. Our goal is to add some local veg and use as many local ingredients as possible. I think I’ll be hitting up the Public Market this weekend!

Why am I so into this Food Revolution?

1. It follows the rules of Michael Pollan (regarding eating real food)

2. It shows people that it’s not that hard to make good quality food

3. It points out the corruption (that we passively accept, mostly due to lack of awareness) of big business and it’s influence on government standards and recommendations

4. It empowers people to take control over their own health!

Will you try the recipe too?  I hope you do—check out Jamie on Twitter, and then let me know how it goes with the recipe.  If we started doing this every week here, would you participate?

Here’s a pic of my 4th of 5 votes at the salad restaurant in my ‘hood:

Half Moon Salad #4

214 thoughts on “It’s Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Friday!”

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