Kristina and I are both really thrilled with how the website is going along so far—we have some plans for how to help it evolve over time, and we’re open to suggestions too!

One thing that we want to do is share a variety of things in a variety of ways.  Some posts are more informational, some are about food and drink and nutrition, some are just stories about our lives….and we’re going to add a new dimension very soon.

Guest Bloggers!

What a great idea, right?  Non-wellness professionals who have interesting wellness experiences and can share what they’ve learned with you.

If you have an idea for a guest blog, a person who might want to write a guest blog, or a post topic you’re aching to see here….let us know!

Stay tuned for Petra’s exploration of growing veggies in her apartment and trying out worm composting!

187 thoughts on “Friends”

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