Brunch Salad

I made a salad this morning for brunch—weird?  Maybe.  But I wanted it!

Brunch Salad with Sally's Citrus Salad Dressing.  I probably put too much dressing on, but it was light and good!
Brunch Salad with Sally's Citrus Salad Dressing. I probably put too much dressing on, but it was light and good!

I got the salad dressing recipe from Kimberly Snyder.  It was light and had a great citrus taste, but not too tart—if you like the tart-sweet combo, this is a good one (you can add a little extra lime juice too if you don’t want it too sweet.  Or maybe put in a little less honey…).  I followed the recipe exactly, and it was great.

My salad had spring mix, romaine, grape tomatoes, apple slices, strawberries, hemp seeds, and avocado.  It would have been really good with some sunflower or pumpkin seeds too.

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