Why Thrive?

Welcome to Thrive-Style.com — It’s more than just a Lifestyle!


I’m thrilled to have you visit my website, and I hope you enjoy it.

In my personal and professional travels, I’ve found that wellness is a broad topic that almost everyone is interested in at some level.  Through my dissertation research and my experience in wellness coaching, I’ve also found that stories (our own and the way way relate to the stories of others) are the basis of everyone’s lives.  We have the ability to assess and improve our stories through the way we think, feel, and act.  Changing a lifestyle to impact quality of life (and write a better life story!) is both an awesome and potentially daunting task.

I love connecting with people who have a common goal—-to improve wellness (therefore, to have a better life)! If you want to connect with me through my weekly (or less) newsletter, sign up here!

Learning and changing requires both active and passive participation. Having the knowledge about what is healthy is important, but navigating through how to implement change and then how to make it a lifestyle is the real key to improving wellness.

As you live and tell your own story, you integrate what you learn from others’ experiences too. Relating to people is how we make comparisons and decisions about our own lives. We changeslowly, yet we pressure ourselves to reach goals instantly and perfectly. Only when we realize (and continue to reinforce) that the ultimate goal is really perpetual improvement, do we find actual success.

It is not important how many pounds you lost this week, or how many fewer cigarettes you smoked.  True, that is how we measure progress and success.  However, the real question to ask yourself is, “Were you going the right way?” and not “How far did you go?”

Based on this, my goal is to help you keep wellness on your minds, to continue on the path toward wellness, and to make it easier to get back on track when life gets in the way.

I want to share my stories and knowledge with you, and I hope you share your stories with me too.

Occasionally (no more than once a week), I send out a newsletter that has my thoughts, ideas, and a little piece of my story in it. It’s not the same as what I post on the website, with the exception of my re-cap of the week’s posts at the very end. If you want to be included in this mailing list, Sign Up Here!

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