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Relaxed is the New High Strung, Slow is the New Fast…

July 11, 2011

It is easy for me to get caught up in the feeling that I always need to be doing something productive. Don’t interpret that as implying that I am always productive…I’m not. But when I feel like I should be getting things done, I tend not to plan anything into my life that would just [...]

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We Rent Cars

May 16, 2011

My mom and I were talking about miracles today—it’s a crappy day outside, people are trying to push their drama into our lives (it ain’t workin’ by the way), and she’s coordinating all the volunteers for graduation in the freezing cold rain…Plus, her office flooded a couple weeks ago, and she had to move down [...]

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Don’t Go to Aberdeen

January 21, 2011

First, I apologize to anyone who lives in Aberdeen. This is a figurative expression, among the many adopted by my mom and me (similar to What’s Your Granola?) that really has nothing to do with the noun being used. Several years ago, we read this article that was written about a study in which a group [...]

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Wanting or Not, and Food/BP Success

January 13, 2011

I kept my apartment totally clean this week. Everyday, I picked up my stuff, cleaned the kitchen, put things where they belong, and made the bed (well, Joe might have done that). Does this sound like a big deal? Because it was. And it was easy too. That’s not to say I never made a [...]

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A Test and A Plan

April 7, 2010

Life often gives us tests, don’t you think?  It’s an interesting game to try and figure out how to pass the tests—I have this theory that if we choose the “wrong” or less “right” options, we’ll generally have to face the same tests again later in a different form. With that theory in mind, it’s [...]

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