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Yoga and Breathing for Relaxation …and Your Skin!

February 13, 2012

I’m officially a yoga instructor now. Who wants to come over and do yoga? I’m not planning on actually teaching on a schedule in a studio anywhere, but I have plans for how to integrate yoga into what I already do and I like the idea of doing small group sessions in a series. I [...]

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What Happens in Vegas… (or do I mean Vagus?)

June 17, 2011

Generally, when I discuss the vagus nerve and its profound impact on stress levels (and all the associated physiological effects) with clients, they quietly repeat the word Vegas, and then giggle (men included). ┬áThe funny thing is, I’ve never been to Vegas and my science-loving brain automatically thinks Vagus whenever I hear either word. Why [...]

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Reading for Rhythmic Relaxation

May 7, 2011

I’ve read a lot about how rhythmic repetitive activities, like knitting, can be used effectively for stress relief. I’ve tried knitting, and it’s not really my thing. I’ve tried to find other activities that would fill that need—the need to relax, when sitting still and doing nothing doesn’t seem to work (mind racing, To-Do List [...]

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