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Healthy Cocktail: Vodka with Pomegranate KeVita and Lemon Stevia

January 16, 2013

The other night when I was at my Mom’s house, I was really craving a cocktail, and I came up with this… Back in the old days (2001) when I lived in Boston, my drink of choice was vodka and cranberry juice. This pomegranate KeVita with vodka reminded me of those Cape Cod beverages… except [...]

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Smoothies and Juice (Part 2)

March 30, 2012

I decided to re-word my focus for the title of the second smoothies/juice post compared to the first one, The Great Debate: Smoothies vs. Juice because I really do want to take the edge off the debate aspect of this topic. Smoothies and Juice 1. They’re two different things 2. They really shouldn’t be pitted [...]

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Great Debate: Smoothies vs. Juice

March 28, 2012

The debate over whether smoothies or fresh unpasteurized juice is better will never go away—and there are people who feel very passionately one way or the other. I find this interesting, and I also think the debate is much like most nutrition debates. The “right answer” is that neither is better or worse than the [...]

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It’s Spring Break again! Time to Clean…and Cleanse.

April 15, 2011

I love spring—I have this feeling like it’s all uphill from here! I also love weekends, and I’m on spring break from 1/9 of my work responsibilities. I’m going to do work tonight until I have things caught up, so I can relax tomorrow and go to a new yoga class.  Anyone in Rochester/Canandaigua area [...]

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Spring Fever!

April 10, 2011

Welcome to Spring, New Yorkers!  Today and yesterday were like being let out of jail.  The sun came out, and the temperature was mild. We spent several hours yesterday bike riding and at a playground swinging—Matthew was here for the night. I wish I had taken a picture because he had on rain boots, jeans, [...]

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Balancing tree-saving with peace of mind

December 30, 2010

I have a problem. Really, it’s not natural for one person to have so many email addresses. If I teach for six schools (or is it seven?), that means I have email logins and online classroom logins to remember for each of them (even the face-to-face classes are web enhanced). That causes me to have [...]

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Another Lucky Weekend!

December 5, 2010

Joe and I spent the weekend in NYC. Our plan was to head out of Rochester on Friday after work and drive to the city, stay at Hotel Indigo, catch a show, and patronize One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine (in possibly an unnatural frequency…but hey, we can only get to NYC just [...]

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Confessions of an Overzealous Juicer

September 8, 2010

I intentionally volunteered to make juice for four people for three days straight. I was so happy for others to be sharing in my enthusiasm for raw fresh juice, that I did not think about what the process would be like. And honestly, I am sitting here watching Joe make half of his own juice [...]

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First Days – How Do You Prepare?

September 8, 2010

Today was my first day of school (Sorry, Mom. I didn’t take a picture beforehand!).  I keep reading on facebook about how people were dreading the first day (teachers) or how they were super excited about it (parents). Teaching college students is probably way different than teaching the little people—in college, you talk to grown-up [...]

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Weekend Greens

May 8, 2010

This weekend I decided I would focus on ingesting more greens—-smoothies and juice. Right now, I’m not growing any wheatgrass—I have to buy more wheatberries, and to be completely honest, I’m way too busy right now to do anything extra (except I am watching Swiss Family Robinson right now with Matthew and Joey in preparation [...]

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