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infrared sauna

Grain Free Hemp Seed Breakfast Cookies (with chia and coconut)

February 12, 2012

Today I really wanted a cookie. First, I made vanilla kale chips, and they turned out ok—the original version was way better (I subbed in hemp seeds for cashews and erythritol for maple syrup…this made them just ok instead of amazing like the original recipe. Once I’m eating nuts again, I’ll re-post about the amazing [...]

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Keep It Simple: Read Labels and Avoid…

November 4, 2011

Yesterday, Kathleen posted about fast food, and speculated that we are mistaken when we vilify it without also condemning many of the other crappy quality foods we have in our lives. It made me start thinking about healthy eating and food rules, and how we set our limits about what we will or will not [...]

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Happy S Week! …Plus Trigger Point Therapy and Tart Cherry Martini (in a juice glass)

January 24, 2011

I’ve felt slightly off-track lately with food and fitness. My yoga teacher went to India for a month, so I boycotted yoga. I canceled my gym membership at the million dollar fancy gym (ok, it was only $115 a month…but geez). I had a hip problem, and a hip flexor problem…and a lower back problem. [...]

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