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Regroup: Eat a Vegetable!

November 26, 2010

I didn’t overeat yesterday, but I certainly ate less than my share of vegetables and greens, and way more carbs and sugar than I normally do. Today, Black Friday, we have a choice—do we continue to stuff ourselves with leftovers, or do we regroup and go back to normal? Interestingly, the US average weight gain [...]

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Take Care of Her

November 3, 2010

I’m on a new quest! I’ve always thought there were ways to become healthier and happier without struggle, deprivation, and resistance…but finding those paths seems to come in small bits and get diluted by all the societal inputs we have that promote the negative practices. I do pass on the insights as I find them–I [...]

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CSI Lifestyle

May 23, 2010

Several months ago, I went to a yoga class where the theme was “CSI Yoga.” The whole point of the class was to discover what body parts, joints, and muscles were tight and/or had other challenges.  We slowly made our way through the body, putting ourselves in different poses and testing things out. The instructor [...]

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My Vote for the Underdog

April 9, 2010

What is healthy today? Have you ever felt confused about what you should or shouldn’t eat to protect or enhance your health? We hear things all the time about how eggs are good for us (or bad), coffee is bad for us (or good), we need 30 minutes of exercise per day (or 60)… omega-3’s [...]

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