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Make a Decision. Then, Make It Right.

April 26, 2012

Decisions, decisions….hmmm, what’s next? I’m feeling good about mine right now—where I’m going with work and life and all. However, it is pretty easy to second guess things sometimes, and that’s how I occasionally get stuck in the idea phase of life (rather than the action phase). I remember talking to my Mom about making [...]

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Sneak Attack on a Better Lifestyle: Get Happy

June 5, 2010

This post is a spin-off of Supersize Your Cup, and the topic was one of the suggestions I made for increasing your capacity to make room for healthier habits in your life. Most of the time, Making Ourselves Happy is not at the top of our To-Do List. How did the world (our culture) come [...]

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Give Yourself Advantages

June 1, 2010

In an earlier post, I talked about ways to help yourself make positive lifestyle changes. ┬áThe first piece of advice on the list was to Cheat! By advising you to cheat, I really mean to give yourself advantages whenever you can. Envision this: You’ve spent all day at work. You’re stressed out because your boss [...]

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Dumb Bunny—Even he Changed for the Better!

April 18, 2010

In college, my best friend, Amy, wanted to buy a hamster. I’m generally creeped out by animals (sorry, can’t help it–just being honest!), and hamsters are way too mouse-like for me. However, I went to the pet store with Amy, and when we got there I proceeded to talk her into buying a dwarf rabbit [...]

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Work Hard or Be Smart?

March 6, 2010

I’ve been reading a book called How We Decide, by Jonah Lehrer. This book is very interesting to me for both personal and professional reasons—it describes a lot of the “stuff” we don’t usually understand about why and how we do the things we do in life (and why it’s hard to change by will-powering [...]

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