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Sugar Makes You Unhealthy and Fat. {Natural Fats Don’t}

February 7, 2012

This post is a continuation of my thoughts from the post I wrote about my anti-sugar campaign. For the content and support for this post’s title, I’d like to encourage you to read this infographic (really, please read it—when you click on it, it will open in a new window). My reaction to the infographic: [...]

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Your Frenemies: Hormones for Sleep/Metabolism

March 15, 2011

Balance your sleep patterns and improve your body composition, health, and mood?  Sign me up! Hormones—ahhhhhh. It’s a love/hate relationship we all have with our own. When we’re young, they are pretty hearty and intuitively do the most effective things (in most cases). Remember the days when you could eat, sleep, and drink in whatever [...]

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CSI Lifestyle

May 23, 2010

Several months ago, I went to a yoga class where the theme was “CSI Yoga.” The whole point of the class was to discover what body parts, joints, and muscles were tight and/or had other challenges.  We slowly made our way through the body, putting ourselves in different poses and testing things out. The instructor [...]

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My Vote for the Underdog

April 9, 2010

What is healthy today? Have you ever felt confused about what you should or shouldn’t eat to protect or enhance your health? We hear things all the time about how eggs are good for us (or bad), coffee is bad for us (or good), we need 30 minutes of exercise per day (or 60)… omega-3’s [...]

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April 1, 2010

Why is health so confusing? Is coffee healthy?  Are eggs?  How about the debate between high-carb and high-fat diets? If you ever turn on the TV or indulge in any kind of popular media (or even many research reports), you’ve probably been confused at some point about what is healthy.  I have been too. I’ve [...]

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