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Grain Free Waffle for One!

January 30, 2013

I miss real regular waffles… and I’ve made so many grain free ones that turned out just ok. They were either too rubbery or too soft or just had some weird texture or flavor. My worst ones basically turned out like rubber with the flavor of eggs… So anyway, I’m picky about my waffles, and [...]

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Coconut Flour Bread {Great as Toast, for Sandwiches, and as Crackers!}…gluten free, grain free, dairy free, low carb

October 9, 2012

I’ve been meaning to post this for several days, but I’m having Internet issues…as in, I don’t have Internet in my apartment yet (Friday!). I guess I didn’t realize how very connected I was until I had to get up and go somewhere that has free wifi. At any rate, it hasn’t been bad. I’ve [...]

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Labor Day Leisure and Recreational Labor

September 3, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend! Do you have to labor on Labor Day? For an online teacher, holidays are usually irrelevant (some schools give a week off at Christmas). But since I’m teaching f2f (face to face) on Monday nights, I actually get “a day off” from that! I’m planning to use the time to work on [...]

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Chocolate Milkshake….for Breakfast

June 24, 2010

Yesterday for breakfast, I had this: The day before, I had this: Today? Totally in the mood for a chocolate milkshake (ingredients: cacao powder, vegan protein powder, stevia, vanilla extract, ice): I drank half of this and dumped the rest—so I guess that was pretty wasteful. I know I won’t drink it later though, and [...]

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Buckwheat Toasties

January 6, 2010

I love cereal. A lot. I try not to buy it because I have been known to eat an entire box throughout the course of a day–once I start, I just can’t stop.  As a result, I am trying to find good alternatives to cereal that contain real healthy and satisfying ingredients. Today, this is [...]

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6 Year-Old Breakfast

December 29, 2009

My nephew is spending a couple days with me, and this always presents a fun food challenge.  He ate a big salad for dinner last night, and that was great.  But, in general, we face some challenges about how to compromise on my priorities (healthy) and his (tasting and looking good). We stopped at Wegmans [...]

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