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  • Sandy

    Were you in ketosis during your pregnancy? I’ve gone low carb since my last daughter was born and I want to stay in ketosis if I get pregnant, since that has become my way of life, but I keep reading that it *might* be dangerous. Do you have any info on this? Thanks!

  • Lisakthrives

    No, I wasn’t in ketosis during pregnancy… and I really felt awful compared to how I usually feel. I do not thrive on carbs…
    However, I used carbs a bit as a crutch (when I felt nauseous in the beginning, and it helped so I kept it up). I also do not have good info on the safety of being in ketosis during pregnancy, so I didn’t want to experiment on my baby. I wish I could point you to something, but I think it has not been studied, and no one would give me a straight answer when I asked (I think because even if they thought it would be ok, they didn’t want to take the chance that something “bad” would happen).
    I hope if you find anything you’ll let me know! I’m going to research it further—I’m not planning to get preg for a little while, so it isn’t at the top of my list right now, but I’ll get back into it and I’m sure I’ll post about it if I find anything definitive.

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  • Yousaf Bhattiiii

    Amazing tips you sharing thanks alot for this. And My wife also thank ful for this.