Goodbye Whole Foods

You’re just awesome Whole Foods, and I hate to leave you. And I’m possibly not thrilled to re-enter society and my life/the grind. I’ll get over it though–I have the car ride home to talk myself back into going to work tomorrow!

Veggie Week

Ultimately, it didn’t turn out to be that difficult to eat healthy foods at Disney. I think this is mostly because I was with my Mom, and she really is the most rational person I’ve ever known when it comes to food. Based on her understanding at any given time, she just does what’s healthy. …

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Sunday Groceries: You can find the recipe here.  This time I used some different toppings, but they tasted similar—you can put whatever you want on top, and use the oven on a low temp if you don’t have a dehydrator. Wait till you see what I did with the avocados!!!!