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Coconut Cream Mousse Parfait

by Lisa on March 4, 2014

coconut cream mousse parfait

I’ve been making coconut cream mousse for a long time, and it’s definitely one of my favorite things. I used to make it with a high quality protein powder added (which somehow made it the absolute perfect texture), and now I’ve gotten away from using protein powders so I found an alternate method that is just as great!

Coconut Cream Mousse Parfait

Coconut Cream Mousse (this recipe or the one below)
Nut butter

Coconut Cream Mousse

1 container (11oz) of culinary coconut milk (I use this - not the kind in cartons for drinking, that stuff is too thin!)
1-2 Tbsp maple syrup (I use Grade B)
1 tsp gelatin
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 egg yolks

Instructions: Heat the coconut milk on the stove. While you’re waiting, add all the other ingredients to the blender. When the coconut milk is warm (not super hot), drizzle a bit into the blender while it’s running (to prevent the yolks from scrambling). Drizzle a bit more, wait, and repeat a couple times. Then pour the remaining milk into the blender and blend until the ingredients are well-mixed. Pour the mixture into a dish, cover, and refrigerate. Stir it once in a while as you wait, and it will be “mousse” when it has chilled completely.

For Parfait:

Layer mousse, granola, and nut butter into glasses or dishes. Serve!

coconut cream mousse parfait 1

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  • purelytwins

    sounds delicious!

  • angelily

    Is canned full-fat coconut milk similar to “culinary” coconut milk? This sounds great!

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