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Food and Travel

by Lisa on June 6, 2012

I made it to Florida….this is my view.


Wait, I meant this….




I’m in heaven—there’s no Classic (over 21) Kombucha in NY. This grape shiz is the best! {It makes me miss my girl Kristina—remember Life as Kristina? Well, we practically invented this stuff, and had 9am kombucha parties at work}


Our friendly neighborhood juicer….I could totally live here, even though the average age in Naples is 60. I actually think I would fit in well with this early bird demographic (and don’t they have disposable income they want to pay to me for wellness/fitness services?).



No lie, we had cheese, pistachios and wine for dinner (the salad with tuna was a late afternoon lunch). Oh, and chocolate. I’m not sorry about it.

Food and Thought is a great place in Naples, FL (about halfway from the airport to our final destination—which made it convenient to have a late lunch and exist solely on coffee, raw almonds, gum, and chlorella tablets up until that point. Again, I’m not sorry).

Green juice was fabulous, and hopefully it’s going to spur me to start juicing again—I love that they have a green juice with no fruit in it!

We’re slightly disappointed about not having an ocean view from our balcony (which turned out to be a 5th floor patio/yard thingy). But it’s ok—we’ll just work around this expectation we had (to hang out on the balcony at night with wine in the presence of the Gulf).

Have you been to Marco Island? Where was your last trip to?

Do you travel with friends, family, significant other?  (I do all of the above…)


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  • Pure2raw Twins

    you are in our neck of the woods! love food and thought!
    enjoy sunny FL!

  • Lisa_healthy_diaries

    So jealous!! Looks like your having a great time. I’d love to go on one of your trips with you! I’ve never been to Marco Island, but my parents visit all the time since they have a home in Naples. Maria & John were just there so you all just missed eachother!

    P.S. Thanks for you FB comment on our status. Definitely warmed my heart and made me feel good and was just what I needed!

  • cathy@1970kikiproject

    ah!!!! THANK YOU for checking in with this update, lisa! i think i thank you, anyway….i want to be back in naples and on marco – two of my favourite spots on earth.
    enjoy every moment! and just spend more time ON the beach or in a garden, instead of looking from a balcony! fingers crossed you have GREAT weather and a fab time!
    been to marco twice: before 3rd year uni when my parents, bro, his GF, me, my BF all went and stayed in a penthouse (with ocean view) condo – i have such happy memories of that trip. two summers ago when i did my florida vacation, i stayed in naples a few days and took a day trip back to marco. wonderful, wonderful!
    i have traveled with many combinations of people – great memories, too, of times when my parents joined us in aruba!

  • lindsay cotter

    send me some grape kombucha! wait, nevermind, i’ll just come visit!

  • Heather (Where’s the Beach)

    LOL – love the 1st view ;-) You already look nice and relaxed. I’ve never been to Marco Island, but did just return from the beach.

  • Brittany

    Lovee your LBD photo!! Adorable, and I NEED to have some of this over 21 Kombucha!! This looks like a blast, I am whoa jealous! 

  • Laury

    It looks like you’re having an amazing trip!!! I am so jealous! ALl the amazing fod, the good juice (with no fruit for you!) and Kombucha! How fantastic!

    Why did Kristina stop blogging? I miss her!

    I mainly travel with Michael but reallllly need a girls vacay. In fact, I need a vacay in general!

  • Faith

    That definitely looks like paradise to me!  Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

  • claybaboons

    Love the view!  except…you can see yourself?  Trippy.  (Oh dear.  What a lame joke.  I apologize for that.)  Have a fabulous time!  I haven’t been on a trip in a while.  I’d love to just sit by the water for a weekend…preferably a nice clean lake that I can jump into if I get too warm.

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